Friday, August 28, 2015

Pet on Quilts VotingHas Started!

Hey! Have ya voted yet??
Coming in August!
So much inspiration!
I'm entry #31 in the Dogs on Quilts Category. 
Here's a quick link to: MY ENTRY POST.
(Voting has closed)
Man, there's a lot of great entries, but I've taken a break from chasing squirrels and posing on quilts to dream of  bones, belly rubs and being "kinged" Dog on Quilt Winner. 
Click here to enjoy the linky party and even if ya decide to vote for one of my competitors,
do comment to vote. It's fun!


  1. Jackson is adorable dreaming of his KING of quilts title.

  2. Jackson looks quite relaxed. There were some really cute entries this year.


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