Sunday, August 16, 2015

Grammy Fun Was Had!

Oh! How lucky I was to wrap up my summer spending it with our little grand guy!

We filled our days of Grammy Camp with painting, eating ice-cream, getting a "big boy" haircut, shopping, morning walks, afternoons at the local water parks and evenings with bathtime and stories. We even went through the car wash! (Love his expression in the the last, bottom right picture!! )

It was a lot of fun to celebrate our daughter's 25th as we enjoyed a Paint/Wine Nite together:

The motto is: Drink Creatively. I did! My dots kinda grew after that second glass of wine! LOL!!

And due the awful fires we are having here in Eastern Oregon, our daughter decided to drive me home once the highways reopened and spent the weekend at home.

Which meant out little guy got to see his Papa. 

Our weekend went fast as we enjoyed swimming with our neighbor's grandson (the boys are only four days apart....lots of fun listening to them say: "no mine"....LOL!!) and a trip into the city for an afternoon at the Zoo. Mostly, I have to admit, I just love watching him quietly play and develop. 

Aaannnnd....I always laugh that he finds Jackson's bed the coziest and FUNNIEST toy of all! 22 months old, this little guy is such a blessing in our lives. But I have to tell all you young quilter mom's out there how much I admire you! I didn't get one stitch of sewing done this past week and I was exhausted!! How do you do it???  I'm looking forward to participating in Pets On Quilts here on the ol' blog. Oh! I also signed up for Lorna's: Dog Gone Cute QAL/Blog Hop!!  Ya know mine will be a Jackson themed sampler for sure! Until then, it feels good to be home. This upcoming week finds summer behind as I busy myself preparing for the new school year ahead. 
(Always love the excitement of a new school year! Don't you?)
Looking forward to getting back into the sewing room soon!

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  1. What a cute boy! I am glad to hear you are participating in the Dog Gone Cute QAL. I am too!

  2. can see you both enjoyed your time together, such a shame he does not leave nearer to you. Now you are home time to get stitching again

  3. Aww, your grand is precious! I know what you mean ... if I've spent much time with my grands, I'm too exhausted to get in any stitching. I guess that's why the young ones have the babies and we older ones are the grandmas.

  4. Lovely you had time with family - hope all are safe those fires. I get tired with a short afternoon with my grands. Love the photo of him curled up in the doggie bed!

  5. Welcome home, Val. Family time is wonderful and I imagine GRAMMY time just has to be the best! I loved seeing all the fun pictures. Your grandson is so adorable and clearly loves his family.

    I look forward to seeing your Jackson inspired projects :)

  6. Your little guy is beyond adorable. So glad you got to spend that quality Grammy time with him before the school year madness kicks in. Now you know why I get so little done during the summer months when all the grands are distrcting me in the best possible way.

  7. The fact that you got no sewing done means your family time was a big success. Grammy time is the best!! (I do wonder, too, how young moms have the time and energy for sewing let alone taking pictures and blogging about it.) Your grandson is adorable, and I'm glad you got some extra time with him even if it was because of the fires. I hope those fires die down soon and stay away from you.

  8. Amazing how a haircut makes little ones suddenly "grow up", isn't it? You packed a lot of fun into a week, Grammy!!! This whole post made me smile - except for the fire. Wow, that is scary stuff. Your Oregon trees are so huge, the flames must be a hundred feet high. I hope you get lots of rain (with NO lightning) to help douse them.

  9. Enjoyed all your pics Val, your Grandbaby is adorable!

  10. Looks like you had a grand time! sorry it had to come to an end. Your grandson is so darn cute!!! Glad you got to have this 'grammy' time. I have joined Pets on Quilts - I look forward to seeing Jackson there!

  11. What a priceless experience. My favorite photo was the one in the dog bed. So accurate for little ones.

  12. Oh my! Wonderful pics :) Look forward to seeing your pups!

  13. Lots of fun photos, lots of precious memories. Looks like you all had a grand time.

  14. Very sweet. And although my kids aren't that young anymore I know that I still have to take some sewing time for me to maintain my sanity.

  15. Such a lovely post! Love the special t-shirt! So much fun! And, I absolutely agree with you, I don't know how the young quilters with little ones get any sewing impressive!


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