Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday Archives #77: Sports

Hello! Hello! and Happy Tuesday Archives! 
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This week's theme is SPORTS: 

It's fun to rejuvinate this "sports" theme quilt I made for our grandson's first birthday last year:
(Sock Monkeys love to play football too!!)

Jackson showing ya the big #1 I put on the cozy, flannel back. 
The "plan" is make a quilt for each of his birthday's, highlighting what he's "into" that year.
This year's quilt will have an Elmo theme. 
(Oh my! I better get going!! I have a growing list of September projects to tackle...how fun!)


  1. That is a brilliant sport quilt - Jackson looks like he doesn't want you to take it from him!

  2. I have a Halloween quilt to make for my grandson, one he saw in my AP&Q magazine (he studied several pages, sweet boy) and asked me to make..I better get cracking! Love the sock monkey quilt, and the "1" on the back; my Brady is huge into football; I already picked up yardage of football Minky Cuddle for the backing for this next quilt!

  3. I hope this is a good school year for you Val. I know you'll find time to sew, lol! Hey... can't that be worked into a lesson plan? LeeAnna back from vacation and catching up

  4. I love this quilt! I don't have any sport theme quilts, but I will enjoy visiting those that link.

  5. What a great idea about a quilt a year. Not sure I could do that. I started an ornament a year for each of mine (8) and fizzled out 3 years.

  6. what a fun quilt, must own up to never having stitched anything to do with sport

  7. That quilt is just adorable! The green backing really suits Jackson!

  8. That is such a fun quilt! Looking forward to seeing your Elmo project.Drama Teen adored that little red guy when she was a toddler. I kinda miss those days.

  9. Hi Val. I love the sports quilt you made your grandson. Placing the number 1 on the backing is genius!!!

    What are the upcoming themes for your Tuesday Archives? Maybe I'll have something to share.


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