Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tuesday Archives # 87: Quilting Gone WRONG!

Hello! Hello! and Happy Tuesday Archives! 
Val's Quilting Studio
(You can also check out all our past Tuesday Archives themes by clicking right here.)

This week's theme is anything and everything that went WRONG! 

This week gives us a peek at lesssons learned as we share mistakes made while sewing/quilting this week. I mean I know none of you have been quilting along only to notice your tension is off,but.... 


  1. I love when other quilters share their mistakes this theme was a great idea!

  2. Hahahahaha! this is another Tuesday Archive just for me.....what can go wrong...will go wrong...is my motto! Off to find the post(s) now.

  3. ALways good to know I'm good company when it comes to making mistakes! LOL!

  4. If things don't go wrong occasionally then you know your not challenging yourself.


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