Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday Archives #90: Yo-Yo Fun!

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This week's theme is "Yo-Yo" Fun:

Noooo....not this kind of Yo-Yo...though this is about how good I was at the darn thing!
Image result for advanced yoyo tricks
but THIS kind of Yo-Yo:
Before I even started blogging, Sew Take A Hike was one of the blogs I followed regularly. 
I started to "yo-yo" along with Penny, but never even made it to 100. Penny's goal is 1008 for a coverlet, and upon my latest visit to her blog, her progress bar says she is at 892.
You can find her tutorial for making Yo-Yo's right here.
You can find her tutorial for sewing the Yo-Yo's together (by machine) right here.
I found mine!


  1. Hello Val, this is a great topic and I can't wait to see what everyone posts. I have made very few yo-yos, so I will comb my brain for something to post.

  2. I have made some Yo-yo's but I usually just use them for embellishments. Oh Congratulations Val! I saw you won a nice gift certificate for your Dog Gone Cute Dog quilt on Lorna's blog.

  3. Love the cartoon. That's my yoyoing skill level as well :)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Val! I always love your yo yo details on your projects. What a great theme!

  5. No yo-yos in my porfolio, but there were some cute ones here.

  6. Oh my gosh these are adorable!


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