Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday Archives #88: WILD!

Hello! Hello! and Happy Tuesday Archives! 

Val's Quilting Studio
(You can also check out all our past Tuesday Archives themes by clicking right here.)

This week's theme is "WILD":

Maybe you have some cute wild creatures like Sue's oh so adorable elephant, 
alligator and three little monkeys below:

Or something more realistic like Barbara who blogs at Cat Patches created:

Or our blogging buddy Sharon's:

What ever you got let:

Image result for wild things defined


  1. Hey thanks for that little shout out. That bear was made from a kit a friend provided. She wanted it for her hubby. I forget who the artist was.

  2. Cute quilts, such a creative theme for your linky! I wish I had one to share, but alas, I haven't been wild enough, LOL!!

  3. That's one of my all time favorite childrens books and my kids never wanted to read it because the monsters looked to scaweee! LOL

  4. I love that 1-2-3 quilt! I'll have to add a few of my critter quilts that I made for the grandchildren.

  5. Lots of "wild" quilts this week!


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