Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday Archives #120: Farmer's Wife Quilts

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Val's Quilting Studio

This week's theme is: FARMER'S WIFE

Many of you already know, I'm a Farmer's Wife drop-out. (Yep! Click HERE to read my archived post from 2014, where I turned lemons into lemonade!) I am happy to report that this little quilt has since been gifted to a new mom as a baby gift and she loved it!


  1. I have made every block (some more than once) but never made them into a quilt - I gifted them all on to charity groups to use. I have both books/cd's and use them as block resources for taming my scraps.

  2. I am not a "Farmer's Wife Dropout" because I am a "Never going to do a Farmer's Wife Quilt". I will be lucky if I finish my Dear Jane this year. I love your little quilt, Val! Sorry I don't have anything to link up.

  3. Love your baby quilt, Val. So much going on and the colors would definitely keep a baby (or anybody) entertained. Thanks for sharing it.
    Sorry I never got into the Farmer's Wife quilt, so I have nothing to share.

  4. This is not a quilt pattern I plan to do anytime in my future (never say never I've learned). I love how you salvaged your early quilting attempts. :)

  5. Well, This must have been the 1920 pattern. I never made that one, but I was all ready for the 1930's except I did not realize it was a new book. I have wasted money on both books and they are terrible.
    The newest one has 19 pages of corrections. I found some of them when I first started to make the quilt with Marti Michelle and the lady from Australia.....It took 3 tries to get the author to realize that there were a lot of mistakes in the book!!!!!!!!!! Long story short (I blogged it on my blog doitrightquilter.wordpress.com last December) I have spent money for the fabric, but not for this pattern! Good for you and I like the quilt!

  6. Most of the FW quilts I see just look too disjointed to me, though I am a Scrappy Girl. I love your FW baby quilt. No sashing and traditional 30's fabrics makes it all flow together. Happy ending.

  7. I do have the book!!! Maybe next year I will be able to resist all the BOMs and concentrate on this quilt and farm girl vintage, Women of the Bible and a few more on my want to do list

  8. I want to make the farmers wife quilt and have the fabrics. One day I might get it started. I might see another SAL when I am ready to start. Love to see everyone's blocks/quilts

  9. I have the book, but just haven't had the time to make any of the blocks. At least you got a start on them.


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