Saturday, June 11, 2016

I-spy a cutie pie!

My grand-guy loved playing with my pile of uncut I-Spy fabrics.
He used them as a cape.
He used them to cover his cars and animals for "night night".
He used them to fill up his wagon and rolled them around the house. 
He of course loved these big cookies I got from Lara saying: "Meme look! Yummy!!!"
He's back home now and without the pitter patter of little feet following me around, 
I feel my studio calling me! I think I'll start by getting these all cut and my own piles of twenty done.
Hope your weekend is off to a great start as well.
PS: I found the two "cape" materials tucked away in his suitcase to take home!! LOL!
I grabbed them back when he wasn't looking and will use them to make for him something fun.
Any suggestions??
Next week's theme is: FLAGS
Val's Quilting Studio


  1. What about a reversible cape? Super heroes are very cool, maybe with a giant Q for quilting?

    1. Oh I love this idea..duh! So obvious....and the Q...that would be hilarious!! (I was thinking a pillowcase.)

  2. Oh, yes, a cape, for sure! You know he already liked it.

  3. Your grandson definitely needs a cape. But you could also make some fun banners for his room.

  4. Your little guy is too adorable! Val I love that he packed his cape fabrics. :) Are cookies going to be an I-Spy fabric? LOL
    Tanya's suggestion of reversible cape is a great idea. You could also make him a simple drawstring bag to put his toys in.

  5. Your little grand guy is very imaginative....and soooo cute. Happy weekend!

  6. I was also going to say cape! Pillowcase is good, too, especially if you know he likes the fabric. Bags for toys. I've also done bean bags. I use 5" squares, but you could use your 4" I Spy squares. Sounds like he might also like a small blanket for his animals.

  7. You got a lot of cool ideas already for his 'hidden' fabrics. Little ones are fun, but boy they tire you out!! I like the cookie fabric myself.

  8. what a lovely little fellow I chuckled when reading he had tucked the fabric into his suitcase hope he was not too disappointed when he got home and found it gone never mind you will be sure to create something wonderful for him to treasure

  9. Oh my goodness. What a little cutie. I love that he was taking the fabric home. His Meme has good taste b

  10. Cutie is right! He is getting so big!

  11. Definitely a little cutie. The cape sounds like a great idea.

  12. What a wonderful child... so sweet!


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