Saturday, October 29, 2016

A New Quilt is Started...

No rain today, but I did enjoy some Saturday sewing.
I always find it interesting when a quilt is at this beginning stage. It kinda amazes me that a simple stack of triangles is going to transform into a wonderful lap quilt very soon.
Stay tuned for this WIP finds me working with a genre of fabric I hardly ever work with.
I plan to iron these open tonight as we watch a movie. As for now, the afternoon is just too beautiful to be indoors anymore. Off for a Fall walk with my boy.
PS: November's Tuesday Archives themes are posted on my side bar.
Val's Quilting Studio


  1. those little pretties you have served up on a platter! LOVE those quilts in the background, Val!

  2. lots of HSTs you have here look forward to seeing what the quilt will be like. I cut out fabrics for the berry cross QAL yesterday now waiting for the next stage to start making the quilt blocks.

  3. It's always so energizing to start something new. Wish it lasted all the way till end of the project. Looking forward to seeing this one come together.

  4. That is some cake you are displaying on that cake plate. How elegant.

  5. Hope you had a great walk, it's that time of year when we really want to squeeze all the joy we can from the nice weather!

  6. I love that you put your triangles on a pedestal! Perfect! Hope you got to enjoy some good weather - we had terrible stormy weather from 3 p.m. onward. You'd have thought it was a tropical storm!!!

  7. A new project is always so exciting! I wish I could kick start myself into one :)


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