Sunday, October 9, 2016

On the road stitching....

Binding is my favorite slow-stitching during our weekend travel to see that fun grand-guy of ours. Plus it's cozy during the cooler months as it keeps my lap and Jackson nice and warm!
Stop by tomorrow as I prepare to share birthday pics...
for as you guys guessed, his expression upon receiving his birthday quilt was priceless.

Val's Quilting Studio


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  2. Oh, how comfy and content Jackson looks! He is so very sweet, isn't he.

  3. how lucky you are that you can stitch whilst travelling, I get sick if I do, it makes the time fly past if you have something to do, Jackson looks so comfortable

  4. I always have plenty of hand stitching for road trips. Hope you got a lot done!

  5. Adorable Jackson!! He is snuggled in and all cozy.

  6. Jackson has the best seat in the car.

  7. Looks like you got lots done. I've tried stitching in the car, I get car sick when I do. How unfair!


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