Monday, December 5, 2016

WIP: Five and Dime Quilt

 I'm stash busting...and found this quick pattern to help me do just that!
Take a layer cake (the dime: 10") and a charm pack (the nickel: 5")
Center the 5" charm square on top of a 10" square; pin in place. 
Stitch about 1/8"from raw edges of the charm squares.
Pattern from Kansas Troubles Quilters; A Moda Precut Pattern
Next, cut the layered 10" block into fourths to make (4) 5" square segments. 
Mix up the squares and sew back together. 

No need to worry about matching the's scrappy!!!

This week will find me sewing this into a flimsy and deciding on the border.
What do ya think? A solid stop border with those cute 2" squares??
Thanks for stopping I'm still thinking about what to do.
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Tomorrow's theme is: MITTENS
Val's Quilting Studio


  1. Cute! I think the solid breaking border would look great with all the little squares around the edges.

  2. This is a great stash buster! I like the border idea, too.

  3. Oh clever! I love it! Gosh you whip quilt tops up quickly, lovely Val. Anybody would think you had a lot of time. =)

  4. Fun pattern--I think those Scrappy squares would make a great border!

  5. If you have enough scraps, you could make a railroad tie border (not sure that's the right name, but basically rectanlges side by side). That would incorporate your scraps and add a different balance :)

  6. this works very well, have a few charm packs but no layer cakes but might have a go with my stash.

  7. Thaks for the support and ideas guys! I have a tote of 2 1/2 inch strips I had cut years ago for they will be perfect for a scrappy border! (More stash busting!!)

  8. Two lovely scrappy quilts! I'm always on the lookout for quick ideas to use up those precious scraps, thanx!

  9. Very fun pattern and a great way to use up those precuts.


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