Friday, December 9, 2016

Annnnddd...The Snow Continues!

I can not remember the last time it continued to snow for over 24 hours!
Yet, THAT is exactly what's been going on in my little spot of the world.
Never the less, our school district does not call snow days easily.
So the JOY continues....
The snowflakes were so big this morning they actually distracted us from our lessons.

And with almost a foot of snow accumulated,
 there's nothing like getting cabin fever with 30 seven year olds!!

Luckily recess is never skipped! (Kids are so enduring!)
Thank you for your kind comments on my Wednesday post when this snowstorm of ours began.
As you can predict, I've had little sewing time this week and man, I seriously thought I was going to having a snow/sew day today!! Darn it! Truly: TGIF!!! 

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  1. It's funny how the joy of the first snow becomes - please stop!! We are into a bitter cold snap that is causing cancelations of various communities' Holiday parades/festivals.

    1. LOL!! RIGHT!!!! Actually if I could be home in my jammies...THAT would be heaven. Oh well...we are having fun!

  2. I'm sure you will get to your sewing soon

  3. I'm sure the kids were thrilled with the snow and the fun snow activities.

  4. My grandkids are in the Oregon Trail School district they have been home torturing their great grandma for 2 days now. :D As has the rest of the family because if Portland school district cancelled classes, their businesses did too.

  5. how I used to love it when it snowed when I was a child, we do not get nearly as much these days looks so pretty when fresh but hate it when it turns to slush

  6. Love the photo of the kids at the window....priceless. Delay will make it even better when you get to sew. Break for the holidays is coming:)

  7. Oh, my, I cannot believe you still had school with all that snow! Hopefully, your weekend will be better for sewing.

  8. I need to show these pictures to the administration at my school in California. One rain drop and they call a rainy day schedule. I guess the little darlings might melt!

  9. Your enthusiasm and love of fun makes you a favorite teacher, I'm sure of it! I hope a weekend of satisfying sewing is your reward for good behavior this week :)

  10. Sorry you didn't get your snow day. They didn't build any snow days into our school schedule this year, so if we get any bad weather, the school likely won't cancel classes unless we've got sheets of ice.


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