Friday, January 6, 2017

Brrr it's cold out!

We awoke to -16 degrees outside and school cancelled once again.
I guess we didn't have to work so hard yesterday digging ourselves out.

I feel sooo sorry for the postal workers. I hope this path helps a little:

We also keep a path on this sidewalk in the back cleared for the dogs. 
As you can imagine, Jackson runs like a race dog along it and is quickly ready to be back inside.

 Jackson doesn't veer far from it as the snow's too deep and usually always at my side,
I panicked for a moment when I could't see him. Once I called his name, he "popped" up on his hind legs from the sidewalk as if to say: "I'm over here mom!" I couldn't believe I caught him on film!

I read today we've had a record breaking 26" of snow since December 1st. Isn't that crazy! 
 Anyhoo, one would think with another "surprise" day off  and no where to go, I'd get a lot done.
Oh I have a ton I "could" do but I guess today wasn't that day. Instead, we kept each other warm and watched movies as I stitched the snowmen for my Winter Wallhanging. Yes, I was lazy. LOL!
Good thing though...this is my last applique block so I'm looking forward to putting the wallhanging together with the goal to have it on the quilting frame by the end of the weekend. YEAH!
Happily stitching and keeping warm.
Thanks again for stopping by.
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  1. It was -15f her this morning and a late start for school, my car only just started. But this storm was kind to us with minimal snow. I don't envy you all that snow, one storm last year we got 25" in a day even with a snow blower we struggled with that snow depth! But the sun is out here today and the temps are inching their way back toward above freezing

  2. That doesn't look so lazy to me! Enjoy your snow days!!

  3. Sounds like a perfect snow day to me. We are there with you in the negative temps department, although our snowfall yesterday was only about 13" of "champagne powder" as the ski hounds say.

  4. We are finally cold but not quite that cold. LOL Jackson is he part prairie dog?

  5. Nothing like a warm snjuggle with your dog when it is gold outside.

  6. Oh precious, precious Jackson! Love him popping up in the snow, but I'll bet he really loved getting warm on mom's legs with the snowmen quilt. So stinkin' cute.

  7. 4-day weekend--yea! What a perfect way to spend a snow day! What movie(s) did you watch?

  8. We had a snow day today too, almost a half inch!! LOL that's enough to shut all of Georgia down! I don't mind staying home and sewing though. It's too cold to go outside anyway. Stay warm and safe!

  9. I cannot imagine so much snow it does look lovely but to have to dig your way out no fun at all and keeping the larder well stocked mut be so important if you are cut off like this, enjoy your time at home snuggling and stitching

  10. Hi Val! Keep warm! Wow it looks beautiful but I can imagine the cold and the hard snow work and that's not nice. It's very cold here, too, but not under 0. We are pet sitting London and Paris and days are filled with puppy walks and playing. x Teje

  11. Jackson's pop up was so cute! I think he needs a sled for his sidewalk run! -6 and 26" of snow --- please don't send that this way (we had that at this time LAST year). I'd say you got it good and are right where you need to be -- snuggled up under that handwork. Enjoy the weekend and a couple of hot cups of cocoa!

  12. The snow is so beautiful, Val, as is your home. I loved seeing these pictures and reading this post. I bet there is a lot of hours of snow removal there even if you have a tractor or blade on a 4-wheeler.

  13. I have snow envy. We've had about 6" since the season began... ice, too, makes it hard to shovel (especially at my age). I had a LOL moment seeing Jack's head above the snow. Thanks for that.
    If you trim the dark fabric away from behind the snowmen before you quilt your snow guys will be whiter.

  14. Look at all that snow! We have been very cold here -25, but today we are at 2 degrees, it's supposed to warm up and get snowy here this next week.

  15. I am in Southwestern PA and we are cold here right now with a few inches of snow but WOW you have really been hit.

    As a selfish Bit** my first thought of course is 'better her than me' :) Well, you know, I can either fake it or be honest! XO

  16. We didn't get that cold, but it was still a misery going outside. A fire, movies and some stitching sound like a very fun and relaxing snow day. Hopefully things are clearing up this weekend.

  17. That picture of Jackson is a hoot! I can't believe the weather you are having.

    Can't wait to see your wall hanging.


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