Friday, January 27, 2017

Stitching with Kids?

We've actually completed an entire week of school!  Yet, it's impossible for the kids to play outside since their playground is buried in three feet of snow, and well, they only four feet tall themselves! 

So we've been filling our afternoons with fun crafts. I'm inspired by the contrast of these bright colors against the snow as more often than not, black is always my "go to" contrast with bright colors. 
These colorful elephants were inspired by the story: Elmer.
But even more, I'm inspired by my students creativity and enthusaism to do crafts! So now I find myself brainstorming and searching for stitching project ideas like THIS. Something they can keep in their own desks, work on when they have free time and during our "indoor" recess. Our harsh winter is wearing us all down. As you can kinda see in the picture above, we've can't not only go outside, but we're now under a gloomy inversion of freezing fog. We need something new that will be fun, motivate and rejuvinate all of us. So please do comment if you have ideas to share. 
Thanks! Stay tuned...

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  1. I never would have thought to use shelf liner for a kid's sewing project but what a great idea!

    I hope things clear up for you soon, Val. Have a great weekend.

  2. Wow....that is a lot of snow. So glad though, you were able to go to school. Love those colourful elephants against the white snow and that stitching project sure looks like fun. What a great idea!

  3. I can also suggest beading (bracelets or necklaces), making potholders with those little potholder looms (they'd have to take turns, probably), and camp-style bracelets with embroidery floss or camp bracelets/lanyards with plastic.

  4. Good you are back to work. What about this little felt idea.

    I was just told I'm coming up as a no reply blogger. Can you let me know if I am or am not please....

  5. I love the colorful elephants! Yay for you getting the kids excited for arts and crafts when they can't go out. I checked out the shelf liner sewing project! Now I want to do it. I'll definitely file that idea away to teach my granddaughter. I remember that one of my favorite projects in elementary school was tooling leather. We each made a book mark. Of course, that requires investment in some tools and turn-taking to use them. I also loved paper weaving and origami type projects.

  6. Oh my, when I saw their elephants I knew before scrolling you were reading Elmer! I love that book and read it every year to my first graders. I love sewing projects with kids. Found this on Pinterest thought that cheap felt might allow the fatter needles to go through the fabric. But a tic tac toe game would then give them something to play with a friend, too. Let me know if you need any supplies, I have some things I could get out of my craft room.

    1. Haha Nancy, that's what I suggested too. My link is for the blog page. Must be a good idea then....

  7. Love the cute elephants and what a clever idea with the shelf line - must add that to the grand kids' craft box. Crayola site has some wonderful projects

  8. the elephants look so good lovely that the kids are so keen to learn creative things. Is that snow ever going to thaw and when it does hopefully slowly or there will be floods

  9. Oh my, that's a lot of snow! Love the colorful elephants. Great job!

  10. I remember a few winters like that when growing up in Missouri. Monopoly got old after a bit! The shelf liner project looks like fun. Hopefully you'll see a warm up soon and some of that snow will melt. Of course then you'll have lots of mud puddles to contend with.

  11. Very cute projects! That.shelf liner is also handy when added to the back of quilting rulers with double sided tape. They don't slip. You just use small strips or squares of it so you don't cover up your ruler lines.


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