Tuesday, January 1, 2019

My 2019 Quilty Inventory

Okay like many of you, with the New Year ahead, I have found myself taking "inventory" of my stash. As I keep calm and carry on, I decided to make a list of my inventory along with "why" I bought or started each, in hopes to inspire myself to tackle a few them in 2019.


So here we go:
1. Hollyhock Flowers bought as I was inspired by some new techniques included in this kit.
2. It's Good To Be Square bought to make a summer quilt for hubby.
3. Brown Bear  Brown Bear bought as a great story quilt for the grands.
4. Kinder layer cake bought just because I like the fabric! LOL!
5. Material for two receiving blankets because my gift inventory is low.
6. A Bloomin Dozen Wall Quilt by Kim Schaefer.
7. Home is Best Wallhanging by Timeless Treasures
8. Buggy Barn Winter Blooms (Potted Hearts)
7. My Lori Holt Picture block quilt. I joined as a block of the week to create a quilt for our master bed. But! The store got wayyyy behind on their kits...thus, I got way thrown off. These blocks are always fun to make, I'm thinking of doing them as a block of the week again, I mean I have the kits!


These three are top priority. They are all ALMOST done! I'm going to be intentional about finishing each one as I love them. I plan to hang the Bee Happy in my laundry room, the houses and birdies in my living room and My Scrap Dance Tango from Carole's 2017 Mystery QAL I'll continue into a Queen size so I can use it on our Master Bed as our Winter Quilt.
Also, but not pictured: My Metro Rings Polka Dot Quilt


I am probably "two movies" away from finishing my Anne Downs quilt and though this has  providing some wonderful winter stitching, I'm ready for something new! Some cotton applique and not wool, as I miss my needle turned applique. These are kits I have on hand that I could rejuvenate:
1. Two Kim Schaefer Calendar Quilts: February, March and April
2. All Around Town by Susan Garman (2000)
3. My Hexi Flowers! (This one is almost embarrassing to admit!)


Looks like I have about a half a dozen quilts to get on the long arm. Not bad really.
Annnnnd I think my BIGGEST area of exploration is in having the confidence to do some custom quilting! Seriously, I'm my worst enemy in this area and literally have unquilted quilts hanging in my house! LOL!!! I'm afraid I'll ruin my quilts.So this week, I will BEGIN with our grands guys cow quilt. Not going to over think it...just going to dive in!!  


In our process of downsizing, I'm also experimenting with a different "sewing station". I'm 5'10" and have long legs. I'm using a pub size level table for my sewing right now and so far it is proving to be much more comfortable. My back doesn't hurt and my legs can extend. I'm kinda liking it. As we  continue to downsize, I'm also hoping to donate a few quilts and fulfill my foster care quilt mission for kids at our elementary school andddd play with my scraps more! (More on this Sunday)
Notice I'm not really committing to anything...but have to admit, taking inventory inspires me.
I'm looking forward to the New Year and close wishing you the very best as we all welcome 2019!!!! 

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  1. I love working at a taller table as well and hope that you find your body continues to enjoy the change. I hope you have a lot of creative joy as you work on your 2019 goals. Thank you so much for joining the Planning Party!

  2. Have fun with the cow quilt. And remember, grandkids are unconditional quilt-lovers, so dive in knowing your work will have full approval. Your plans for the year quilting and otherwise sound exciting. I'm looking forward to following your journey.

  3. You're so organized you'll probably have all those done by July! Good for you for having a plan though. I need to start planning as well.

  4. It is a great plan and somewhere to start. Lots to move on with. Happy sewing.

  5. It all sounds good. Best of luck accomplishing all your goals this year.

  6. I hope you can make a dent in all that fun stuff! I can't even face figuring out what I have going on, but I will just work on it all one day at a time--lol!

  7. That's a good collection. Plenty of fun there to keep you busy.

  8. I'm with you about quilting, I'm afraid to ruin my quilts. But all I have to quilt on is my domestic machine. I'm planning on pin basting my Splendid Sampler quilt this week.

  9. Hi Val, tagging along with you through your "taking inventory post" inspires me too :)
    Happy New Year, sweet friend.
    Connie :)

  10. I took inventory earlier last summer and wrote up 26 blog posts about 26 un-finished quilts that I had not written about before. My ufo list is about 40 not to mention at least 12 kits and as many project boxes with the patterns and fabric for yet to be started ufos. It is inspiring considering how little work there is to do on some.

  11. I think your "flexible" planning is a good idea. Leaving time for squirrels and serendipity makes life much more interesting. And since you are downsizing, you'll have the freedom to adapt as you move forward.

  12. Love your inventory approach Val! Yes, you need that taller table: I'm not even as tall as you but was told when I bought my sewing table I'd be happier with a height extension and they were right! Don't be afraid of quilting those quilts: remember the addage about "the man on the galloping horse" and there's no doubt they'll look much better out and quilted than hanging in the closet. Per the esteemed Angela Walters: "Finished Is Better Than Perfect!" and you can't get better at it uness you do the stitching. Re the Handwork: Why not join them regularly over at Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching? A great day to make a regularly scheduled "Me" appointment. I don't have a BOM (at least, not one scheduled to be worked on this year, LOL!) but I'm hoping to link up for my wholecloth project. See you there?!?!?

  13. All the best to you in 2019, Val!

  14. I am going to do a sewing room clean up and project inventory soon too. Great way to start the new year!

  15. I love how you described that you are "two movies away from finishing..." I think that way too sometimes. This holiday weekend I RAN out of dvds from the library. ARgh!!! that's okay. I found something on the computer. LOVE your three top priority projects. They are beautiful. Just wait until they are all done. Happy new year, Val!

  16. It's amazing how much finding a good fit on your sewing table can minimize those aches and pains. You've got the start of a good list. Hope you find some inspiration and make some progress on clearing your "backlog". Happy New Year!

  17. Hi, Val. I didn't realize you were an amazing teacher, a wonderful quilter, AND a statuesque supermodel! :-) I'm only 5'8" but I can definitely affirm that most sewing cabinets, chairs, machines, etc are designed with a smaller "average" height female user in mind, and that can lead to aches and pains from slouching, hunching shoulders, etc. so you are wise to fine-tune your setup to fit your own body. I clicked through to your links and I'm not sure I found the one where you talked about down-sizing. Will you keep your longarm, I hope? Even if you and your husband find greater peace and freedom in a home with smaller square footage, remember this: Dining rooms are overrated!! All of the cool people have sewing studios on the main floor these days, right between their kitchen and their front door... ;-)


I have to admit, your comments make me smile! Thanks for sharing and for letting me know you stopped by. I Hope your day is awesome!


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