Tuesday, January 22, 2019

When You Can't Reach the Peddle....

While visiting our grand guys this past weekend, knowing I made quilts and after inquisitively watching me stitch during movie time, one of their friends really wanted me to teach him how to sew. My daughter didn't hesitate to unpack her sewing machine and we let the boys dive into a box of fabric scraps. As I sat and worked on some binding, I taught the oldest, who is nine, how to use the machine. I taught him the main parts of the machine: foot, pedal and the ol' 1/4 inch! 

 He was very focused, detailed oriented and caught on quickly. Well, before I knew it...

..he was quickly on his way to making all the younger boys their very own blankie, even
seeking their help when he couldn't reach the pedal himself! (Look at how focused they are!)

After busily rocking a teething baby,

...I soon returned to the kitchen to find all the older boys giving sewing a team effort!
(Is this just not adorable!!) One at the machine, another at the pedal, and one
guiding the fabric. I was so happy my daughter caught these moments for me!

By the end of the day, our guy had made four blankies for all the younger boys.
He spread them all out and I was flattered when he insisted that I join him for his finale! 
(As you can see,  I was busy giving our little grand guy a bath...and well, 
you know how one year olds LOVE to splash and play in water!)
As if the story can't get any better....we soon realized he can earn a Boy Scout patch for his efforts!
I truly had the best weekend with these guys and loved sharing our hobby with them.


  1. What a cool adventure, including the surprise that he can earn a scout badge for it. Well done.

  2. How awesome!! Love the pic with the 3 working as a team to accomplish the task.

  3. How fabulous that the three boys had such fun learning a new life skill.....and to be rewarded by a scout badge....even better.

  4. What a fabulous adventure for the boys. You sure did great getting them interested in your hobby.

  5. So sweet and so wonderful to have it all recorded! I went into my son's 1st grade class and did quilting with them. They operated the pedal with hands - which worked particularly well. I There was one boy on the autism spectrum who was just fascinated by the machine. I will never forget that time and that young man's interest!

  6. While teaching kindergarten, I found the boys were so interested in the sewing machine when we made quilts. No gender rules set at that young age. What fun your grand guys surely had.

  7. Aww, this is just the best thing! I love those totally focused faces, working on blankies as a team :)

  8. What a wonderful time you and the boys had!! Hugs,

  9. So cool that the boys wanted to sew, stuck with and worked as a team. Must make your inner teacher heart melt.

  10. Well done fellas!!!! it's great to young learn to sew....


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