Friday, July 26, 2013

Sunday Organizing Linky Party Begins!!

Welcome to my Quilting Studio!

I've been crafty my whole life. Yet, it wasn't till we purchased our present home, that we finally had a space big enough to call a "Studio". I quilt and my husband creates Stain glass.  This is our basement studio:

I  LOVE, yes LOVE to organize. There was actually one point in my life that I thought if  I weren't a teacher how wonderful it would be to be a Professional Organizer. (But I love teaching too much.) So I put my desire to organize into our home and my classroom.  I just function better when everything has a spot. (smiles!)

Thus, the creation of my Sunday Organizing Linky Party! 

I mean who doesn't love a linky party! We can share our tricks and tips for organizing our quilting/sewing tools and areas and get a peek into each others "sewing" domains too! Click on my: Sunday Organizing Page for specifics and come back Sunday for our first link-up!

BTW..if you're wondering why Sunday? It's pretty much the only day of the week I get to spend an entire afternoon in here. I almost always have a Lifetime Movie on in the background and find myself busy as a bee. (My laundry room is right outside the studio door, so I can easily multi-task too!) 

So for now, we are off to visit our daughters this weekend. Don't laugh, but we are going to help our newly wed daughter organize her house. LOL!!! I'm serious! I'll post our first Link-up Sunday...I can't wait.

With smiles,


  1. What a fabulous studio you two have. I love the fact that work together in that room!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  2. Ooh - can't wait!! I hope to be back on Sunday!


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