Tuesday, July 23, 2013

THIS is where I do most of my planning....

Yep! On my treadmill is where I catch up on my magazines, read patterns and plan which project I want to tackle next! This week: I'm going to make a twister baby/diaper bag size quilt! 

BTW: I have no idea why Santa is still sitting on my treadmill! LOL!!! I found the dogs playing with him during the holidays, and for some reason he never made it back into the holiday boxes of storage.

Well, my buddy is awaiting his walk. So we are off. One mile done, two to go. Check back, as I'll post the progress of my twister quilt as I go!! 
Doesn't he look like he's saying: "Come on mom, get off this dumb thing so we can go outside!!"


  1. Wow you are great, I exercise when I am not quilting - which is NEVER, except my once a week women's hiking group outing and walking my two dogs briefly 3 or 4 times a day because I live in an apartment LOL

  2. Thanks Marianne! It's a little harder to keep in routine, now that I'm on summer break...but the mornings are so nice! Plus Jackson got to swim in a canal...so now he'll sleep while I sew!

    ps- you came up as a no-reply blogger when you commented on my post. So I can't email you in response:( See my post last Friday, third post down to fix this...as I was a no-reply also.

  3. that's a better place than sitting on your behind on the couch (which is what I usually do, ha!). by the way, love the blog look!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation


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