Wednesday, August 14, 2013

From lap size to square...

Today I'm linking up with those of you at Fluster Buster's Creative Muster and Really Random Thursday...because I got frustrated and my creative muster was affected.(Darn it!) But I learned a little more about myself.(That's good!)and this post may seem a little random. (That's okay)

Fluster Buster Really Random
So here it is:

Mid August always finds me in happy anticipation of  Fall. You know that feeling that it's just right around the corner. For me, I find myself in transition and contemplation of what "I want the new year to be". Whether you are a teacher like me, or a parent with kiddos on there way back to school (I hear you out their exclaiming your hurrays...LOL!!) or a neighbor that see's the school buses starting up again, you have to admit there is just something about Fall and it's seasonal celebration of change and fresh beginnings. 
Yes! I give up mowing for collecting all these leaves. 

For the most part, my Summer Goals are accomplished. 

And I now as I head back to school, I find myself thinking about my quilting a lot and the new lists I'm starting to make. Yes, I LOVE lists! I love making them. I love the checking and crossing out (See above...hahahaha) I love the feeling of being organized. But sometimes, I need to remind myself that life is not a race, but a process and a journey to be enjoyed.

Here is an example: 

Yes, this WAS my Hexi in Halves lap size quilt top, but yesterday I had a day I haven't had in a long time: quilting was just darn frustrating! And, I stubbornly DIDN'T walk away "because I wanted to get it done" and it now measures a square 45x45! (Serious...what was I thinking!) LOL! I admit it's still cute but I made this quilt for myself...I'm 5'10" that is not going to work.  

With that said, I KNOW I am not going to make a metaphorical change in personality here. I AM a multi-tasker. I  AM a list maker. I AM a person who always has three things going on at once. I get that. I KNOW I need to slow down sometimes (My mom has been telling me this for 40 something years. My daughter just told me this yesterday!) Hahahaha...I'm actually laughing at myself right now.
But it is the process of life that matters the most. So I did this to remind myself :
Check this out: I am Number 899!!!!
Click to read about it: 
The Process Pledge

But here's the thing. (See my About Me page: I DID say I'm a Life Enthusiast) I enjoy being creative and busy. I don't sit around well. I never have. So as my  Hexi quilt shrunk from a lap size to a cute little my frustration and disappointment...when I found myself questioning why I even quilt and blog about it... I learned a little more about myself and actually the answers to those "whys": 

Here is my "list": (LOL!)

  • Quilting sustains me. It helps me through the time I need to be alone. It helps me with life's transitions.
  • It connects with creative people like you. Whether it be quilting, blogging, or going to a sewing class...I love the people I meet!
  • I'm learning to not be so hard on what if a lap size quilt ended up a square!
  • I'm blogging to document my journey and collect friends...not comments. (Though comments do help. Comments are like little cheerleaders that help us connect and smile...but just because a post doesn't receive any comments, I'm learning that is okay too.)
  • I love that quilts wrap around those I love and are sustainable. 
  • I love the look on someones face when I have made them a quilt as a gift.
  • I'm learning I like to do things at my pace. I have learned I loose my creative flow when I take classes or do quilt alongs... I do end up "wanting to get er done".
  • I'm finding more and more, I don't want to follow patterns. I just want to create!
  •  I will make enough quilts to fill my house and those of loved ones if I quilts are my way of sharing a piece of me with them...they are each a work of  my heart!
With smiles,

PS: Thanks for reading my long, random post! I'm not so flustered anymore!


  1. Tough day, Val! I've learned that if quilting is frustrating, or if I'm making a lot of mistakes, I need to step away - either from that project, or from crafting that day altogether. Sometimes just setting that particular project aside for a while can solve the problem - when you come back fresh, it's easier. Your little top is too cute - why don't you square it off and put some border on it to bring it up to a usable size? I've seen table runners done that way and they are very cute. It seems a shame to give it away....

  2. Sarah...thank you!! I couldn't agree more! Such a very good lesson I have learned.

  3. You're so right that a change of season makes us reevaluate and organise. I'm in Australia and Spring is just around the corner and like you I'm making lists. I really like your list of "Whys".

  4. Thanks! This post really helped me process and that felt good! :)Thanks for reading and sharing.

  5. Your season seems a little ahead of us (UK) there's definitely a transitiony feeling here but a while before the leaves turn. I enjoyed reading your post. I think it's good to reflect on what we are doing, and why, sometimes. I wish you a happy fall and happy sewing :)

  6. I love this post Val! I do see you as a quilting friend rather than a fellow blogger, so on that front you are succeeding. Some bloggers reply to every post, that is pointless to me if it is a brief 'token' reply, you are a true blogging friends who makes a real link to fellow bloggers! Your hexies look great by the way :-)

  7. I also suspect there is a hint of 'Summer is ending, back to work next week' frustration contributing to your lack of enjoyment in quilting the hexies, you have to mentally prepare somehow, maybe this is your way of being ready to step away a little and get back to real life:-)

  8. Marianne...ditto on the friendship thing! YAH!! And your suspicions are absolutely correct...after this day, I realized I do need to step back and mentally get ready for the pace of teaching 26 seven year olds. I think I was just afraid to let go of my sewing bliss!

  9. Great post. Your list could have been written by me!

  10. I like my lists too! I have had a running list that has been a challenge to complete the past couple of years. I have made strides and hoping to cross off a few more. Then I remember that I should enjoy the journey rather than getting things crossed off my list - mostly when I begin feeling fatigue doing supposedly what I love to do - quilt and sew. I think Sarah Craig gave the best idea to take a fresh look at something the next day or two when feeling frustrated. It's amazing hoe the mind is more creative when rested and relaxed.

  11. I agree...sometimes we do just need to walk away and begin with fresh eyes the next day. (And yah to all our lists!!!)


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