Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sunday Organizing: Ribbon Storage

I love ribbons and even more I love this old card catalog I use to store them in!!!!
After I took the pictures and starting playing with this post I found myself laughing thinking: "Gee Val, you could have at least tidied up a bit." HAHA! Oh well...this is how I roll.I organize my ribbons by color and each drawer is a "color" drawer. They are each sooo pretty and happy!
The second best thing is this re-purposed card catalog fit perfectly under a little stair nook in my basement studio. I remember about ten years ago when school libraries started to go electronic and our librarian was getting rid of this. Oh man! I snatched it up IMMEDIATELY!!!! I had no idea what I was going to do with it.(Ha!HA!) I just knew I had to have it and remembering calling my husband to meet me after school to pick it up!! Gradually my spools of ribbons found their home here.(And it's so crazy to think my soon-to-be-born grandson won't even know what a card catalog is!) 

I'm always buying ribbon at garage sales and on sale at craft stores. I never buy bows for gifts anymore.  Instead, my presents are garnished with ribbons and /or fabric strips. I smile to watch recipients "save" their bows and reuse them.  If you love ribbon too, feel welcome to comment and share how you store all those endless spools of color and happiness!
Happy Sunday and thanks for stopping by!

P.S.: Today finds me busy sewing receiving blankets for my oldest daughters upcoming baby shower next weekend and I can't wait to share the end results here with you!
P.S.S.For more "thrifty" ideas like this re-purposed card catalog...stop by Marianne's blog on Thursdays and check out her great finds. 


  1. OMG that is a lot of ribbon! And I would love a card catalogue, I see them occasionally in the antique stores but I just don't have space for one.
    I hope work is going well and thanks for using my button :)

  2. Lovely old card catalogue that you have, and what a lot of ribbon. I'm visiting from Sew Darn Crafty.

  3. Wow, Val! That's a TON of ribbon! Love the card catalog storage idea!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  4. I know....most the ribbon is leftover from my scrapbooking days and from having young daughters..but I still find myself picking some up every now and then. :)

  5. I have one too and it came from my school, where I teach, when they went to computer! Mine is only 2 drawers tall with 5 drawers in each row, but I use it to store buttons. Each drawer is a different color button drawer. I love it, and wish I had a bigger one. Love the ribbon idea!

  6. Is that an old library card catalog unit? I LOVEd those! What a great way to store ribbon.

  7. OMG, I have card catalog envy, too. I love those pieces. I don't know what I'd do with them either, but I always loved the way they looked and worked. Now I can't find a thing in the electronic catalog. (First, you have to be able to get onto the machine - some kid is using it for hours.) Some of the best books I ever read were found in the card catalog while I was looking for something else. You can't do that anymore. Progress, I don't think so. Why didn't they leave the old system in place for us - the antiques? (chokes me up)
    For ribbon storage I use pants hangers from the dry cleaners... you know the kind with the cardboard tube base. I string the ribbon spool onto the tube and reconnect the tube to the wire. Now I can see the ribbons in the closet, and easily take what I need... It's not the best way, but it works.

  8. Wow! You have a LOT of ribbons! My collection fits in a photo box but I'm thinking of trying a trick I saw recently when my new studio is finished. The trick is to get a tension bar, like the ones for shower curtains, and thread the ribbon spools through that before installing it on a bookcase. This can be above books, jars, or whatever to use up the whole shelf and the you see everything easily.

  9. I have seen this kind of drawer unit and LOVE them, but can never think of a reason to buy...if I have no use for it! Next time I see one.. I'M BUYING! This is perfect for ribbon or lace storage. Thanks for the idea!


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