Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sunday Organizing: Fat Quarters

Welcome to Sunday Organizing!
(Note: I had to post early due to my eldest having a b-day!) 

My fat quarters are stored in the stackable baskets on a shelf above one of my sewing areas. This sewing area is home to my old machine, which I  use it for sewing binding on and teaching young ones.   
(Next week I'll highlight what I organize in those tilt bins) 
I love seeing all my fabrics and since I raffle through them all the time they never get dusty!  

Each bin is organized by color: Dark to light.

Each bin is categorized as follows:

I have my stripes and plaids.

I need to get more of these as I'm starting to like them for bindings. Even though sometimes they make me feel cross-eyed and dizzy!! LOL!!

I love my spots, dots & circles. 

Yes, these are my favorite! Looks like I need to start a polka dot quilt pretty soon.

These are my Tone on Tones.

I'm really beginning to learn the value these bring to my quilts. They provide balance and flow. These are what are sometimes referred to as: light givers. I like them a lot.

Next are my theme/novelty prints.

The top basket is growing into my White On Color fabrics. 

The bottom bin holds my theme/novelty prints. But,  I find myself buying LESS of these as I learn more about (and like the addition of) large scale prints to my collection. 

And finally, my bin of geographic/geometrical prints.

I love to do Out of the Box/whimsical these are especially fun fabrics when I'm playing.  I also love that the bottom basket is EMPTY!!! You know what that means...more shopping!!!! :)Actually,because I live in such a rural area, I joined a Fat Quarter Club this year to build my fabric stash. (I love getting my Happy Mail squeezed in-between the bills!)

My 30's Collection

They are stored in a bin all by themselves and organized by color.

When I really like a fabric or  if  I'm going to use it for background in my piecing, then I purchase yardage. But most of the time, I "collect" fabric by the fat quarter and "purchase" fabric yardage specific to projects.
That's how I do it...
With Smiles,


  1. Girl you are so organized! I don't separate scraps from stash and it all goes in one cabinet, organized by color. I would have to hang my head in shame if I took a picture of it right now!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  2. Thanks Kelly! I would have been a professional organizer if I didn't love teaching so much! V:)

  3. Ooh, your baskets look so pretty - you can't beat a good rainbow of fq's!

  4. You have a great stash Val and it is so organized!

  5. Funny! I was thinking oh! my goodness I am an oddball. I read your message, which by the way I enjoyed reading how you organize your fat quarters.

    I have a cabinet that is part of my sewing table and prompted by your message I thought I would take a peek at what fat quarters I had on hand. Would you believe only 5? I usually buy in regards to a particular quilt or project that I am making. In fact your fat quarters stash outweighs my stash alone! Darn - so I really can't take a picture since I don't have anything worthy to take a picture if. Thanks for sharing your message. Maybe I will consider buying more fat quarters!

  6. Great. I plan on doing something similar once I get the quilts I'm working on finished and start adding to my stash. I finally got my sewing room organized. See my post here:

  7. That is a very clever way to store the fat quarters. You do have a lot of them. I don't have nearly that many, so I'm still just storing by color.

  8. Those buckets are so cute and fun. I like all of your fat Q storage ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Cool! I also touch my fabrics enough that they don't get dusty. I just can't stop! I fondle fabric.... ;)

  10. Cool! I also touch my fabrics enough that they don't get dusty. I just can't stop! I fondle fabric.... ;)


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