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Tuesday Archives #62: Quilt Shows

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This week's theme is: Quilt Shows

I always find myself experiencing an array of emotions whenever I visit a quilt show. As I toured the quilts on dispaly at HMQS this past weekend in Utah, some quilts really "inspired" me and I found myself actually squinting up close asking myself: "How did they do that?"
An Angela Walters quilt from the HMQS. She used a "paint" technique here.
Others cause me to stand back, just lost in awe as I admire their beauty and craftsmanship.
Darn! The picture was a little blurry....never the less, WOW!

Others just make me smile, wishing I had thought of that!
(This was my Viewer's Choice)

And though Jackson would never sit in a basket long enough to take a picture, 
let alone go for a ride...some quilts I just find myself loving!  
 I also find myself  reaffirmed that I'm doing okay at this hobby of ours. I myself, don't set out to make "show quilts", yet I am inspired by the range of skill this hobby allows and love the idea that we can only continue to grow and develop in our own confidence and style as quilters. Do you ever feel like that? How about you?Does a quilt show ignite an array of emotions in you too?


  1. I get so inspired by quilt shows, even though I don't make "show" quilts either. But I love seeing all the colors and ideas from others. If only I could sew as fast as the ideas pop into my head.

  2. I love looking at beautiful quilts in shows, but find that I am really happy to come home and make my kind of quilt.

  3. I so much enjoy going to quilt shows, both the display of quilts and the vendor booths, if there are any. I've been sewing (and quilting) for most of my life, so the piecing part of quilting is *almost* a throw-away for me. I enjoy piecing so very much that I could quite happily simply piece tops forever. I'd go to quilt shows and look for inspiration .. and emulation. I'd take pictures of quilts that I really liked, with the small (very small) idea that I could replicate the look-and-feel of the quilt ... as it came to the piecing. I've always been very confident in my sewing ability.

    Then, I got a longarm machine. I like making bed-sized quilts and they are *extremely* difficult to wrangle through the throat space of a home machine. My tops kept piling up higher and higher because even with simple quilting, sending a top out to be quilted is expensive. But when I got my longarm machine, that all changed.

    Then I started looking at the *QUILTING* at the shows. How did they do that? Look at that idea! Oh! I could do that. My pictures started being small, close-up of the quilting instead of the entire quilt. :-) I found what was catching my eye, more often than not, was the very dense, intricate quilting. The kind of quilting that is an art form all on it's own. And being new to the art and skill of quilting, I assumed THIS was the level of quilting that I was to aspire to. Naturally, I became somewhat frustrated and annoyed that my skill in quilting was nowhere near that of what I was seeing others so. But I kept plugging away and practicing. Lord knows I had plenty of tops to work with ... and kept producing more! The more I saw the fancy quilting, the more I saw *all that thread* on the quilt. Somehow in the back of my mind, I kept thinking, surely that quilt can't be very drapeable and cozy? The more thread you put on a quilt, the stiffer it's going to be. I don't want a quilt that is quilted to death so that it can stand on it's own! I want my quilts to wrap themselves around my loved ones so they can be snuggled. And my girls want that kind of a quilt also.

    Then, I had a revelation. Goodness gracious .. I don't need to emulate that fancy stuff! Here's the thought that hit my small brain .... millions of people see the Mona Lisa and the statue of David and other fine art every day. Millions of people admire those pieces. NONE of them feel the urge to rush back home and duplicate it. *I* can do that with quilts! Yes, I can! I can greatly admire the final quilted piece. I can respect and be appreciative of the skill it took to create it. But I can simply admire it for itself .. and *NOT* feel as though I need to replicate it in my own quilting.

    Yes, it's absolutely drop-dead gorgeous quilting. But it's not me. It's not the style I want to create. So, as Jasmine (above) succinctly said, I'm now very happy to return home and continue to make my less densely quilted but very cozy quilts. :-) I feel a kinship with those fancy quilters ... and that's good enough for me. :-)

    1. I too like right where im at in creating quilty hugs. I love the underlining confidence that we all are finding in our own comfort zones. As you'll see in upcoming posts...I love how much I'm not just inspired by others but how much I learn from them. Thus what I enjoy the most about quilt shows.

  4. In the early days I was in awe of everything at a show. Then more of it became familiar and it took more to impress me. My reactions vary with the show. There is still more awe at a national show, more pleasantly familiar at a local show.

    Sorry my "archive" photo is so new. I was positive I had photos from a much earlier Celebration at the Quilters Hall of Fame with a quilt showing the Marie Webster House made from yoyos. Nowhere to be found. Must be gone with an old computer. So you will have to google either Quilters Hall of Fame or Marie Webster House.

  5. I love quilt shows and try to most within easy reach of where I live every year. I have always wanted to participate and over the last few years I have made something for exhibit. I have submitted 2 entries this week.

  6. Hi Val, sorry I am late, I was out of town on vacation all last week. I do love quilt shows, I like going to see what is there, and I like entering them too!

  7. Quilt shows are always such fun. I don't get to go very often, having a student athlete often interferes with those weekends. I'm always amazed at the talented quilters that are out there.


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