Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday Archives #81: Tote Bags

Welcome to the linky party that rejuvenates your old quilting/sewing posts.
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Val's Quilting Studio
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This week's theme is TOTE BAGS: 

 Image result for quilted tote bags


  1. Woohoo! One of my favorite topics. I can't wait to see what everyone shares :)

  2. That bag is pretty darn cute! I tried to Pin It, but it seems to be unPinable. Do you have your site set up this way, Val, or is it a fluke? Some images here are Pin ready. Just asking because it's a fabulous piece.


    1. It's a fluke...but if it helps, I found that tote on Craftsy. :)

  3. Okay Val I could have added even more tote bags than I did but I think your linky would have started to smoke, LOL!!! I do make a lot of bags, bit just totes and looking over my past blog posts I am even amazed at all the bags I have made!! This will be fun to see all the other links too.

  4. Hello Val, here I am again, back from a long summer holiday in France. Happy to join your linky party! I hope you are doing fine.
    Best regards.

  5. Totes are definitely a "new love" for me. It's where I turn for a quick quilted fix! Thanks for the linky!

  6. There are some fun bags in this party. Now I am all geared up to make more.

  7. Such cute and fun bags in the links. Thanks to everyone who shared.

  8. That bag is gorgeous.


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