Sunday, September 27, 2015

End of September Already!

September was one of those months that just zoomed by with activity and fun around our household.
I didn't even notice the inactivity on my blog until my mom mentioned something about it.

I geuss between getting back into teaching, a major home construction project going on, taking a weekend to our see our grandguy, followed by my parents final visit before they head back to Arizona until next summer, I haven't been very creative.  But, I loved that last week as they visited, evenings were filled with way too long of "happy hours" enriched with good food and conversation. (EVERY NIGHT!)  So much fun!!!! Good memories made!! (hmmmm this would be a great story quilt!)
Seriously, Mom and I's favorite outing is to our local Mexican Restaurant where they serve a glass of wine like THIS for only $2.50!! (And this wasn't even during Happy Hour!)

We also toured the quilt show at our local Garden Nursery.
The show was much smaller than last year, but never-the-less, they were proud to see my quilts

...hung among so with many inspirational others.

It's unanimous that we had a wonderful visit. We miss you guys already!

And today (which is usually my sew day) I distracted myself from the duldrums of missing everyone by taking Jackson out to the country for his Fall grooming. I had good company in the form of two former students whom I happen to teach with their moms. (Yes, we do have another jack russell. Our little girl Cami who is totally blind. The girls love to baby Cami and took great care of her as Jackson got groomed and enjoyed his playday. She is not near the personality or energy level of  you know who!)
Anyhoo, I know as the days begin to get shorter and cooler, my sewing mojo will rev up again. I look forward to sharing the many creative ideas that always seem to keep developing in my head.
But until then, I'll look forward to seeing ya on Tuesday where you are invited to share your Twister Quilts this week. As always, thank so much for stopping by!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great visit. Look forward to seeing what your plans are once you get back to the sewing room.

  2. Sounds as if your September has been rather blissful, Val. I love the look of that nursery with all those pretty quilts on display. I love your polka dot 'pretty'!! Just an aside.....that is a mighty large glass of wine!! =)

  3. what a lovely way to spend time with family. I am getting excited as my sister is coming for 6 days next august from Australia have not seen her since february 2002 when I was out there wish she was here longer but it is all connected to a cruise and tour of France.

  4. It all makes for a beautiful September. You'll be back in the sewing saddle soon enough. Thanks for sharing. And here's to an outstanding October!

  5. Sounds like a magnificent September to me!!! You and your parents make the most of your visits.

    Looks like a fun time in the country. Jackson just smiles, love it.

  6. I say family is always first - glad you got some real enjoyable family time. Wow, if I had that much wine I would sleep right thru the winter.

  7. Your committed blogging friends are always here no matter how often you blog. We love to see your projects, but we can wait LOL. I love time with my mum too so this heartfelt blog was great to read.

  8. I loved seeing your quilts hanging, so I can only imagine how much your family loved it. Have a great October!

  9. Ah...I love weeks like the one you just experienced with your family, and I'm glad you enjoyed it so much that you forgot to blog! Lovely post, Val.

  10. The start of the school year takes much energy. I guess it's like that for all teachers around.

  11. What fun! Love those quilts. Cami deserves a tummy rub too, and give Jackson one from his Auntie Carole. Precious pups.

  12. Wonderful times and wonderful memories built with those you love... You've got your priorities straight! :) Your post leaves me feeling all warm and happy inside Val.


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