Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday Archives #82: Twister Quilts & Projects

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This week's theme is TWISTER QUILTS & PROJECTS: 

I knew right away when this theme came around that I'd highlight Jasmine, who quilts at Quilt Kisses. In February, 2014, she created a fabric saving way to cut the twister pieces without using the special ruler. You can find her tutorial right here.

It turned out great didn't it!
You can check out her "finished" post right here.

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  1. Thanks for the feature. :) It reminds me that there is still one twister quilt I need to make for a friend.

  2. I love the twister quilt and have made a few. I may have to make a few more now, lol!!

  3. So much inspiration today! I wish I had read Jasmine's tutorial before purchasing two twister rulers.

  4. Thank you Val for that linky party! I love how twister quilts look but only tried it once for a small project. I used the little twister ruler... but it is so much waste. On the other hand I can't imagine to cut all the single pieces by hand. I suppose I'll use the ruler in future projects too and make just small things like cushion covers. Small pieces are so fast done and are nice for gifts.

  5. Thanks for the link to a very interesting tutorial!

  6. what a wonderful quilt, checked out the link but way too complicated for me, I know I would cut incorrectly then be in a real pickle!

  7. I haven't ever tried a twister. Great links to some pretty quilts.

  8. Love the colors she used. I've never tried a Twister Quilt either.

  9. Happened across my twister ruler the other day. Great to see what others have done. I think I need to make one.


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