Monday, September 7, 2015

Elmo Quilt Part 1 of 3

Using my classroom projector and an Elmo coloring page, 
I was able to enlarge my Elmo to be as big as I wanted:

He turned out to be about 20"by 20".

I then cut out my paper Elmo and traced his outline onto some soft, red flannel. 
Finally, I pinned and...

...zig-zagged stitched him onto that soft, blue flannel.
I appliqued his eyes and nose.
As you can tell by Jackson's wagging tail, we're pretty happy about this one!
The entire quilt only measures 3'x3' as it's going to be a cuddle quilt for our grandguy.
So when I found that Seasame Street Fleece for the back I knew it would be perfect!
I just need to add some: Elmo Loves Jayden letters and it's ready to quilt. 
Happy quilt making for sure! Stay tuned for part 2: The Quilting.

Val's Quilting Studio
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  1. What a cute, cute little quilt that will be! And I love the lettering you're going to add. Perfect!

  2. Sure to be loved! Too cute:-)

  3. Cute quilt. Being an educator has some perks. DH brought home an old overhead that the school district was throwing away. I use it as a light box to transfer my embroidery, but have also thought about using it to create a large quilt applique design. Can't wait to see Elmo. Isn't it amazing every little one I know loves Elmo.

  4. Very cute--awesome find for the backing too!

  5. Very creative! This is just too perfect for your grandson. I'm keeping notes from your posts, Val. I hope to have my own grands one day....waaaaaayyyy down the road :)

  6. So cute! I used projectors to enlarge things when I was teaching too. Great idea.

  7. What a clever idea. It looks great.

  8. No wonder Jackson loves it - it is super cute!

  9. Awww...Val, you are a good G-ma! So sweet. When my oldest 2 kiddos were little, I made them hooded towels with Mickey and Minnie appliques. Kiddos are 24 and 26, but (cough) I kept those towels, I think. All that flying terry cloth and work thinking grandbabies someday would love them. I'll have to pull them out and snap a pic for you.

  10. That is so cute and obviously having a projector handy sure was helpful.

  11. ah now that is cute - love the happy hug this quilt promises!

  12. That's PDC (Pretty Darn Cute!). Love it!

  13. Very cute! Who doesn't love Elmo?

  14. Elmo is awesome! I love using coloring pages they make life so much easier for drawing skill challenged individuals like myself LOL Good job!

  15. Val, this is just super cute! Your grandson is really going to love this quilt!


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