Sunday, December 27, 2015

My 5 Best of 2015 Linky

This linky made me feel like I was dusting the archives of my blog as I went back and reviewed my posts of 2015. I ending up choosing a variety of categories. Here they are:
First up, MOST HELPFUL post comments.
Last January I asked you, my blogging friends, what sewing machine would you recommend?
Twenty-seven of you responded with helpful input. Thank you! 

Next up, My MOST VIEWED post coming in with 1,033 views:

Next, JACKSON'S MOST POPULAR POST with 811 views and 35 comments:

Next, is our LARGEST TUESDAY ARCHIVES PARTY dated back in July: Our Scrappy Quilts and Projects. We had 76 links that week and I thought that really said a lot about us as creatvie quilters. Plus, I know Tuesday Archives is not your traditional linky party so when we average about 25 links a week...this one week we really had a lot to rejuvinate!! 
(And please, if you are new to my blog click here to read more about this weekly linky party.)
 I'll hope you'll join us!
Val's Quilting Studio

ANd finally, I'll conclude with MY FAVORITE QUILT of the year: My Grandson's Elmo Quilt
The quilt was an original design by me from start to finish and I felt so very proud...
...when he reacted like this:
My daughter says he takes it to daycare every single day.

So there you have it...The 5 Best of 2015 here at Val's Quilting Studio. I want to thank all of you who have become my blogging friends over the past years.  I also want to welcome you if you are new to my ol' spot here in blogland. Please take a look around, and if ya are even a little bit inspired by what ya see, I hope you'll follow too. In the meantime, happy holidays to you all and thank you Cheryl for hosting this party. Click on the picture below to check out everyone participating and celebrating:

Val's Quilting Studio


  1. That last picture--on tippy toes--says it all, doesn't it? And some people wonder why quilters quilt.

  2. A great review of 2015 - and I remember them all!!

  3. good to see these results thanks for sharing and running these links

  4. Val, I got quite a chuckle when I realized the first post on what machine to recommend was actually from January 2014, not 2015. Time really does fly, doesn't it? Anyway, it was still a good read and I'm in search of a second back-up machine, so I found it useful.

  5. A great top 5 list. I love the last one about the Elmo quilt. Wishing you a successful and productive 2016.

  6. Great posts! That picture of your grandson is simply adorable! :)

  7. Great selection, Love the reaction in front of his quilt ;-)

  8. All of your quilts are beautiful, I love the Elmo quilt so much! Thanks for linking up.

  9. Grazie a te per tutto quello che fai per noi e che ci suggerisci. Ti auguro tutto il meglio per il nuovo anno a te e tutti i tuoi cari.
    Silvana Italia

  10. That is a wonderful set of Best Blog posts!

  11. Val, your little guy's reaction to his beautiful Elmo quilt is priceless! I like the way you picked your categories for this post. They are things to be very grateful for and show what a wonderful year you had with your blog. Happy New Year!

  12. Your H2H rainbow hexagon quilt is gorgeous...and I loved seeing Jackson model with many of your quilts! Super cute!

  13. Your grandson's face is the perfect reward! I'm sure you'll treasure this picture as much as he treasures his quilt. :-)
    Hexies have a way of attracting my eyes and your quilt is even more attracting because of the daisies you've quilted on them. The centers are simply gorgeous.
    Thank you for participating in my first Fabric, Thread and Yarn link party. I appreciate your presence. Happy New Year!


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