Monday, December 28, 2015

Dragonfly Quilting Today

 Many of you know I keep a half of dozen or so quilt tops from the Project Linus ladies around for days like today when I just feel like practicing with my long-arm . Though it's only 18 degrees out, I bundled up to take Jackson out and get a few quick pictures.
Here's the quilt top I had on hand: 

I decided to quilt it using a variegated lime green thread called: Lime Stone by Superior Threads and for the bobbin, I was able to use up a few half filled bobbins. I love the playful Dragonfly Fantasy pantograph I had. I thought it added that little bit of whimsy that would make a child smile.

I really like this quilt pattern and need to ask the Project Linus ladies for a copy. 
It looks fun and easy doesn't it.
Hope your day is going great.

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  1. Beautiful quilt, Val. The colors, pattern and the beautiful design in the stitching.
    But, 18 degrees ??? No way !! I'll bet Jackson didn't mind a bit, though.

  2. That is a basic rail fence pattern, just three strips sewn together then cut into squares and arranged in a stair-step pattern. Easy! I see some little doggy prints in the snow.

  3. Cute quilting pattern! And you are so brave going out in 18 degrees to hang that quilt for a picture. Brrr. It sounds especially cold since we have had unseasonably warm weather this year. Freezing rain all day today--good day for quilting. :)

  4. Love those dragonflies. cut guilt. Some child will be happy.

  5. What a great quilt. Love the dragonflies.

  6. Great quilt and such a fun quilting design!

  7. Beautiful quilting. I really like the green with the orange and yellow fabrics.

  8. looks great with the dancing butterflies

  9. Hi Val, catching up with your posts. How beautiful the shots of snow! We're having two weeks of rain and warm temps. Not very wintery. Love to you and Jackson. Happy new year

  10. I must learn how to do that curvy quilting - esp. love the bug.

    Popped by from Crazy Mom Quilts linkup.

  11. Such a cute cheerful quilt. Cheetah just dropped off all of the quilts from his eagle project with our Project Linus coordinator. Such a great organization. She told him that their biggest time of need was January and February due to the number of children sick in the hospital.

  12. What a great idea. Such a fun quilting design for a cute quilt. Project Linus is a wonderful project to be involved in.


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