Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday Archives #95: Our 2016 Goals

Hello! Hello! and Happy Tuesday Archives! 
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This week's theme is: your 2016 Goals:

This week we're 'breaking the rules" a bit and I'm encouraging you to share your goals for 2016 and thus, that could mean creating a new post to share with us, your friends here at Tuesday Archives. 

Your goals can be personal:

Like many of you, I'm a list maker. Thus, very excited was I when my Quilter's Planner arrived in the mail yesterday!! The fact I can now have a "catch all" for all aspects of my life in one book creates motivation. I've chosen FABULOUS as my "word" for 2016 (more about that in January) and this planner has a place for my to-do list, my goals, my sketchbook....everything all in one place to ensure I stay on track for creating a FABULOUS year!
As a bonus, we even received a pattern to make a zippy cover for our planner. It will hold my blog/business cards, and even include a zipper pockets for coloring pencils and such! 
I also purchased a new Weight Watcher journal to track my meals and thus leading me towards reaching my health and well being goals by Spring.

Finally, I was inspired my Diane's list of creative books and ordered myself this journal as well:
It's offers a prompt for each week of the year, that requires a list response. The lists are a starting point for developing new habits or changing behavior. This is very doable for me, and will offer just the amount of reflection I also need to "stay on track" in creating a FABULOUS 2016..for as the quote on my WW journal says: "It's choice not chance that determines our destiny."

And your goals can be Quilty:
With that said, Quilting is my hobby...my creative outlet, my reprieve from the work world, my solitude, my rejuvination. My new planner will ensure I keep a balance of that in my life. I'm hoping to do more creative improvising like my Oh Happy Day quilt this year and I know I want to make a Kim Diehl inspired quilt for our Master Bedroom. But no list here...just creative flow.
Quilting and blogging are very important to me...as without the support of eachother none of this would be as worthwhile would it?? I want to thank you for your enthusiastic support of Tuesday Archives and of me as a quilter through your kind comments and emails. I'm truly looking forward 2016 as we continue to share our ideas, inspiration and passion for this hobby as we link, share, support and participate in eachother's events, blogs and creative endeavors.

Also sharing my 2016 goals here:
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  1. Hi Val. I had to chuckle as I read your post. Last night as I was drafting my post for the Best of 2015 Linky Party, I closed it with "here's to a fantastic 2016!" Since your linky will be open until Jan 2, I'll try to get a "Goals" post written to link up too.

  2. Thank you so much for linking up. I hope you have a wonderful and Fantastic (!) 2016. :)

  3. I am so glad I found you, my blogging friend!! I haven't set goals for blogging or quilting, as those things are my hobbies and I just let the inspiration take me where it will. But I will do another Scrap Dance Mystery starting in January, that is a goal isn't it? Give Jackson an ear rub, and Cami gets one too, from their Auntie Carole!

  4. Thanks Val for pushing me into making a list. I usually lose my lists, but this one's been published: no losing it now! Have a good new year and good luck meeting the 2016 goals!

  5. No post about it but my goals for 2016 are to keep safe and happy. With my sewing I would like to finish some UFO's

  6. Have a very happy New Year Val. Good luck with all your goals for next year!

  7. I looked at the 52 lists book but in the end, decided I didn't want to add another notebook to my world. I am doing a gratitude journal for 2016. Love the Linky party. Hope to join in more often

  8. Happy New Year Val! You're starting us off just right! Oooh, a Kim Diehl, definitely on my list....for next year!


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