Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My nEW yEAR staRTS TodAY!

I admittedly don't have a busy Christmas season ahead me. Our oldest daughter and her family are spending their first Christmas in their new we are traveling there for the holiday. Hubby and I consequently, decided to keep our holiday decorating to a minimum since it's just the two of us.
Quite honestly, we're enjoying it. After 25 years of raising a family, it's already been kinda of fun carving out time to do some things we just want to do. We have dinners and card playing planned with friends and holiday activities like "Shop with a Cop", Secret Santa and "Backpack for Kids Food Drive" at work. BUT! The plan that's really motivating me is my decision was to start my New Year today!
My Quote of the Day:
Yep, I will rejoin Weight Watchers at work today (I'm a lifetimer...who just needs to get rebooted and get some chub around her ol' middle reduced a bit.) I've set the exercise goal to run a St. Patricks Day Fun Run on March 12th in under 30 minutes. (That's my goal and I'm sticking with it!)
 I'm actually looking forward to avoiding all the '"goodies" that seem to appear in school and office work rooms this time a year as I truly start my New Year today! I know, I DO sound a bit boring, but in the end, I physically and mentally feel sooo much better avoiding such temptations and setting goals helps me get through. This is a total intentional mission for me as seriously you guys, I LOVE sugar cookies decorated with candy, my mom's fudge, my husband's ginger cookies, all those dips at work, get it.  So now I'm curious, do you indulge or set goals to avoid? 
And oh how I wish I had a better metabolism!!

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  1. Good for you!!! Go for it! I set goals to avoid all year long - so that doesn't change too much at holiday season. Anyone at work will tell you I never have the cake, bagels, etc. Boring, I know.. but I think I HAVE THE SLOWEST METABOLISM IN THE WORLD! HAPPY NEW YEAR, VAL!

    1. That's my school "rule" too Deb. (SMILES) Hubby and I have been enjoying our new empty phase a little too regrets we are having (and will continue to) Just a little less vino for me. :) :)

  2. You are so good! Me, not so much, LOL!! My goal is just to not gain weight through the holidays, so I am walking after work daily. Sugar cookies are soooo goood!!

  3. Good for you! We are unseasonally warm this December and I am taking every advantage of it in getting a daily walk (or two). I am not a sugar lover and sweets/deserts are not my thing. A piece of fruit is more to my taste. My weakness is bread.

  4. Happy New Year to YOU, Val! I never really set goals to avoid but I sure need to. Since we no longer have kids at home to cook for we tend to eat out way too much. I do not always make healthy choices either. I'm going to indulge this season and for the first time in a very long time, I'm going to set some New Year's resolutions. I have avoided those for many years so we will see how it works.

  5. I've been trying to avoid since the end of May. I have had (I think) only two or three Cokes since then and have given up most snacks. I really miss the Coke. Sigh. (And I don't like the diet version.) But here's the good thing. My favorite pants don't stay up where they belong anymore. Yay! And that's incentive enough to try to keep avoiding through the holidays. I did make some cookies awhile back for a family celebration, but I used teeny tiny cookie cutters and was happy to eat just one or two. So when I can't stand avoiding, I'll eat just a smidge of what I want. I hope it works. And because the weather has been so warm and snowless, my hubby and I have been enjoying long walks every evening (and seeing all the holiday lights) which is so much better than going directly from the table to the easy chair. So I'm applauding you! We can do this! Happy New Year!!

  6. I used to indulge but I think I am getting better at saying NO..
    I haven't been catching up with the archives lately. Been sew busy and too tired.

  7. What great inpiration Val!
    Have fun through out the holidays!
    Me, I'm a vegetarian and get hartburn from certain foods so saying no is easier in certain ways!
    I'm glad that cycling is my main way to get around!
    Goals for the new year....I signed up for a foundation paper piecing one day workshop in January and would love to do that, make one thing, at least once a month!
    Now that I have written it down, I'm committed!
    Take care,

  8. I applaud your goal setting! That means you are very likely to accomplish what you've set out to do (a great reminder for me, who just came home from Bunco last night stuffed to the gills - blech). So now I've had my holiday 'fix' and can just get on with the season. Enjoy the ride - cheers!

  9. These sound like great goals. Not terribly unrealistic either. You have a good plan ahead of you.
    I try to eat healthy as a rule and if I do treat myself, I try to be mindful about it. Most days I take a walk though it is pouring rain out today. (which is fantastic since I live in that drought ridden state of California.) I think it is so smart of you to think of all of these ideas and goals BEFORE the holidays instead of trying to do damage control afterward. Good luck!! Happy New Year!

  10. Good on you, Val. I really need to start making some healthy choices soon, but I don't think today is the day I am going to start.

  11. we pretty much gave up sugar a year ago, and it stopped the cravings. I just say no to sweets as I can't say not much... I did have a bite of a muffin but it's a day by day thing. Still fat tho. Gave up desserts and wine and nope, still fat. what would we be if we didn't??? LeeAnna

  12. My metabolism seems to have been rebooted recently due to my hysterectomy and some medication I took briefly, so I want to capitalize on the 23lb weight loss I've experienced recently and just balance my sitting quilting time with my active time!! Easier said than done though so we'll see!


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