Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Fun Family Weekend

Our weekend was spent with our kids, first, celebrating "Poppi's" Birthday.

Good thing our grand guy was wearing his Paw Patrol Fire Marshall sweatshirt,  
as his help was needed to put out Poppi's "glowing" birthday cake. 

We also took off on a family adventure together! 

We bought our a special little guy a "golden ticket"...
Did ya notice his adorable Santa hat??
My mom  knitted it for him and got it mailed just in time for our trip.
He wore it the entire afternoon as he is enamored with everything Santa this year!
...and boarded the Polar Express Train Ride!

He was adorable to watch as he patiently waited while our train chugged along through the dark...

...anxious for his very first glimpse of Santa and his elves as we finally arrive at the "North Pole!"

It was so special to begin the holiday season as seen through the eyes of a three year old. 
He sat on his Papa's lap as he received his Christmas Bell and I have to admit, the joy in his eyes as he finally met Santa for the very first time, just filled my Grandma heart.  

 Annnddd with Jackson keeping me warm as he slept on my lap,
 I finished the binding on my Batik quilt during our time on the road. (It's in the wash as I write.) YEAH!!! I close today, hoping this week finds your holiday season off to a wonderful start.  I hope it's filled with the love and joy of  family, friends and perhaps a favorite four legged buddy as well.  
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  1. Awwwww. Great post Val! What a special weekend :)

  2. How fantastic. That sounds like a great trip for the kids to see Santa.... so much fun

  3. hiw lovely to have been there ans see the delight on his face, hope tose the batik quilt soon

  4. What a special trip! Those are memories to be cherished! Jackson is just so adorable asleep.

  5. sweet. I'll bet he loved his trip. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. What a wonderful day - thanks for sharing it with us. Puts me in the holiday spirit.

  7. How magical. Wish I were near enough to take the Polar Express. I love that book. Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. That does look magical! I've still got pumpkins sitting on my porch but I'm starting to think about the holidays! LOL

  9. Happy Birthday Poppie! Looks like a swell family adventure! Can a Polar Express quilt from Nana be far behind...
    Pugs and kisses to you and Jackson.
    Nancy, Romeo, Elvis and LarryPug

  10. Big smiles for you! Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. Sweet! My boys would have been screaming that close to Santa at that age.

  12. Oh I love that one photo of him looking out the precious!

  13. We've taken that ride a couple of times with the kidlets and it is definitely a fun time.

  14. What a great way to make the visit to Santa extra special. Looks like a very fun ride for the little guy.


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