Friday, November 4, 2016

Grateful Friday!

I had one of those lucky weeks, as I won not one...but two give-aways! What!??
My heart is fill with gratitude as more often than not, I'm often  "that person" who never wins.  LOL!! So I just had to give a big THANK YOU to first:
 Homespun Hannah's Blog as she celebrated her Sixth Blogging Anniversary. 
  She sent me this adorable needle book with a very kind card:.

And inside that package was this wonderful table-topper:
It fits the decor of my home perfectly and I keep moving it around to find the right spot for it.

Next, I'm so excited, as part of Carole's Autumn Jubilee, I won a $30 gift certificate to:
(Click the picture above to check out their online store of Extra Wide Backing fabrics!!)
Today my heart is filled with gratitude. 
Image result for gratitude
Next week's Tuesday Archives theme is: Lone Star quilts and projects.
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  1. Congratulations on your beautiful and useful wins - I have used Backside before and happy with their service. Take note of that block in the topper - that's the Sage Bud for Westering Women

    1. Your comment made me curious, so I found it a good historical read to learn about the Westering Women. How cool that this block celebrates the women who walked west on the overland trails in the 19th century. Their western migration was documented in kept diaries and letters written home a century and a half ago. Humbling and interesting. :)

  2. so good to read about your wins happy spending and the needlecase and runner are lovely too

  3. So glad you like your gifts. Thank you for making my 6th Blogoversary so fun. The Autumn Jubilee was really fun also, and I even won in that one as well.

  4. Congratulations! Have fun!! Thank you for mentioning Back Side Fabrics, they are terrific.

  5. Oooh.....lucky gal! Gorgeous pressies to be truly thankful for. Love that table topper, 'tis so pretty!

  6. Congrats on your wins--it's always fun to get that "quilty" mail!!

  7. Congratulations on both your wins, Val, and thanks so much for mentioning us! ~ Christine

  8. Congratulations! So many wonderful wins!

  9. Congratulations Val! I love your table topper, she did a great job on it.

  10. Very fun wins! Congratulations.


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