Saturday, November 12, 2016

Nov. OMG Batik Progress

I had to take advantage of this sunny afternoon to snap a picture of my batik flimsy.
(As the morning found our neighborhood hidden in fog)
Fall is quickly coming to an end around here and if you look closely at our grass, you can see we aerated the yard today. (Okay hubby did while I sewed....but you get what I mean). But! This does mean I am done mowing for the year!!! I'm on my way to JoAnne's to purchase the minky backing I want to use to finish this flimsy.  I then plan to take advantage of this beautiful, sunny 58 degree afternoon and go for a long walk with good ol' Jackson. Then hope to get this one loaded on the long-arm. Hope your day is filled with a little window of sunshine and sewing as well.

Next week's T.A. theme is MUG RUGS!!
Val's Quilting Studio


  1. Loved the photo. JoAnne's is a dream. I remember when I went to USA and wanted to buy the whole store.
    You're so lucky to have stores like that.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Love your batik flimsy, Val. Jackson looks all ready for that walk!

  3. What a perfect backdrop for your pretty flimsy and that Jackson making sure he's in the picture, ha HA! :)
    I saw your comment on my post...the guy coming into your school with a rifle ; OMG what a horrendous thing to happen and you see these things on the news and then suddenly it is in your own school. So frightening but I am glad it turned out alright there.

  4. Beautiful quilt. I love batik fabrics, and plan to use some soon. Looking forward to the Mug Rug link-up, and all ready :)

  5. loving the batik flimsy and it will be so warm and cosy with a minky backing, How lucky are you with the weather we had snow the other day but it has now melted and been washed away by the rain

  6. Just beautiful Val photo looks perfect for a magazine cover-hugs

  7. Val, this is a beautiful quilt top! Love the happy colors! And of course, any quilt picture with Jackson in it is a great picture!!

  8. Hope you get in lots of stitching this weekend and finish off that beautiful quilt top.

  9. Your quilt top looks wonderful!!

  10. This looks beautiful in the sunshine!


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