Sunday, April 23, 2017

Happily Binding this Week

I have not one, but two quilt finishes ahead: 
The quilt on the left was donated to my classroom from Sharon. I got it quilted during spring break and the brown polka dot binding on today. I also quilted my H2H Pirate quilt and don't ya just love the little skull/cross bone binding I found to finish it?! Today was one of those days I just got going in the studio. Hubby used the afternoon to go pick up our outdoor fire place and I decided to stay home and spend the afternoon sewing. It felt soooo good!
I'm definitely looking forward to this slow stitching during evening TV this upcoming week and I'm looking forward to sharing these two finishes with you very soon. Until then....happy stitching! 
This week's theme: TWIN Size quilts.
Val's Quilting Studio


  1. I love bnding. It gives me permission to sit in front of the tv and still keep my hands busy. (I do hand bindings). I wish I had some to do now because that would mean I have a quilt top quilted ha ha.

  2. plenty to see in the pirate quilt some child is going to love this. Binding is my favourite part of quilting love the hand sewing bit

  3. Lucky you. I haven't done any sewing for 2 weeks. I'm so tired

  4. Cute quilts! I like binding too. Great to get in some studio time!! When is school over for the summer?

  5. I spy a couple of very nice quilts, Val. The pirate quilt is going to make such a fun H2H donation.

  6. Like DQ and Margaret, I love binding, too. But that's because I use my machine for it :) Both these quilts are cute! I'm curious about the one on the left being "donated to your classroom." Does that mean you keep it on hand for emergency naps?


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