Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tuesday Archives #155: Thrifty Finds

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Val's Quilting Studio

This week's theme is: THRIFTY FINDS

Almost three years ago it's hard to believe what deals I came across while on a morning walk one Saturday morning as I spied a garage sale down the street.
Seriously, click HERE  to check out what $15.00 bought me! 
Here's a peek at one of the thrifty finds I found: 

Val's Quilting Studio


  1. That's one thing I don't look for - I go to the local thrift shop (run by our county ARC program), but look for fabrics and shirts.

  2. Wow--that was a great find! I'm going to have to start stopping at garage sales!

  3. That table looks fantastic in it's new finish! What a great find :)


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