Thursday, May 11, 2017

Classroom Update...

It's been another fun filled week at school. We had our annual outdoor day of school!
The kids LOVED creating their own tye-dye shirts for our trip into the city.

Some are continuing to stitch their little fish beanbags.
 And as with an hobby......some catch on fast....
...while others are hoping their beans don't fall out!
A quick tip: Use a stapler instead of pins when working with kids.
Admittedly, my favorite is this little elephant that one of my girls called:
"An Elephant of Many Colors...ya know like Dolly Parton's coat of many colors."
Probably the cutest crayon holder I've ever seen that's for sure!
Their little stitches are just precious don't ya think?
  We've started to wrap up our stitching projects and I'm busily preparing materials for the kids to create our annual classroom quilt next week using my "Make a quilt with kids" Tutorial. 
Stay tuned....and as always, thanks so very much for stopping by.

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  1. I would love to be a kid in your class. You make learning so much fun.

  2. I can see the kids are loving this class so good to see what they are making

  3. I think the kids have done a great job. The crayon holder is fun and they will use it too...

  4. Those projects bring a huge smile to my face. How much fun is that! Enjoy the remainder of the year with them.

  5. Adorable fish bean bags.The elephant crayon holder is adorable. Great tip re the staples....thank you, lovely Val.

  6. Love the projects your students have made. I love watching their faces when the concentrate when they sew. Our Rainbows (5 - 7) year old were doing some sewing and all of them had their tongues stuck out to help them concentrate. The elephant crayon holder is adorable.

  7. Those fish beanbags are the best!!


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