Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tuesday Archives #159: Teacher Gifts

Welcome to the linky party that rejuvenates your old quilting/sewing posts! 
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This week's theme is: TEACHER GIFTS

I'm having an especially fun week, but I know many of you are school teachers as well, both active or retired and some of you are also teachers (writers) of quilting, art, or other genres of learning...
so let be one, of the hopefully many, that wish you a wonderful, fantastic:

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Thank YOU for inspiring, guiding and movtivation the learners who's lives you touch.
This week let's rejuvinate posts that highlight homemade gifts created especially for those teachers, secretaries, ya know any and all of  those special workplace people that make a difference in our lives. Like Tonya....she makes THE best gifts! I mean, look at her adorable tea towels:

Val's Quilting Studio


  1. I have no post about techer's gifts, because in Norway we don't usually give any gifts to teachers.

  2. Your posts showing the kids sewing are the best! I love that you are instilling a love of crafty things in these kids. Just curious if you have a few that just don't like doing them at all or if everybody loves it? It's hard to imagine somebody NOT loving it!

    1. All the kids love it!! I'm only having trouble with two boys that just hurry through it and then get upset that their stitching is a mess. (What a Good life lesson....as they also have trouble following directions and applying themselves....but NOW it's something they really want to come out) Yeah!!

  3. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, Val! Janice's comment, and your response, made me chuckle. I didn't like doing gym AT ALL when I was a kid, and they made me do it anyway! If I had to be a dodge ball target in elementary school and I survived, then the kids who don't dig arts and crafts will survive, too! :-)

  4. My gifts are not patchwork but they are still homemade

  5. You are an extraordinary teacher, I think!! I wish I had a post to link for you!

  6. Those tea towels really are delightful 😍👌

  7. I've done a few teacher's gifts over the years, one year it was 7 quilts! I'm thankful Drama Teen limited this year's graduation quilts to just 4.

  8. As a retired teacher, I remember well how much I appreciated little gifts made by the moms or the children themselves. I actually felt sentimental about them.


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