Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday Archives #161: Tied Quilts

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This week's theme is: TIED QUILTS 

Mom, What are you doing with my blanket?

 This was one of my very first quilts. I bought it at a County Fair some twenty years ago. I loved it's scrappy look and I bought it out of inspiration as I knew someday I'd learn how to make a quilt.

It is now tattered and worn and admittably one of Jackson's kennel blankets, 
but there's just something so charming about an old fashion, tied quilt.

Val's Quilting Studio


  1. I love the looks of tied quilts but have never done one myself. My friend made a t-shirt quilt for her daughter and then tied it, came out really nice. I found an old tied quilt at my grandparents house that desperately needs the backing replaced but I haven't had the nerve to try the repair yet.

    I look forward to reading what others share in your linky.

  2. This is so cute...soft and worn. Never kept a tied quilt...only given a few away.

  3. Jackson, thank you for showing off your quilt. Tell your mom you get a tummy rub for being so cute.

  4. like you not tied a quilt was looking at one on a blog 5 mins ago and not only has she tied it but also quilted in the ditch and hand quilted it too.


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