Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Game Day=Sew Day!

Their assignments are completed. Their textbooks are cleaned and put away.
They now get to spend the afternoon playing old fashion board games they brought for home.
They remind me of Jackson as they spread out underneath my make-shift sew area.
After the kids leave Friday, I still have three work /snow make-up days ahead. So, when my  cooperating teacher suggested we use our "collaboration day" to sew our class quilts together, I jumped at the opportunity! As I set up, found myself watching  others play across the classroom from me. I was humored to see that though some were busy with their board games, I couldn't help but smile as I watched the others who got together and are yes, playing school! LOL!!!

This is "the principal" below at his "pretend" computer. I tried hard to not laugh out-loud , as they were quite serious  as they are playing! I mean his little fingers are just "typing" away  and I finally chuckled out-loud as I heard him announce: "Oh my, I have announcement to tell the school: Mrs Reynold's class just won this week's contest."
In this modern day of technology, I can not tell you how refreshing it is to watch them all play so cooperatively and imaginatively together!! Note to self: Some of the board games these seven year olds like included: The Game of Life, Rainbow Jumbling Tower, Fibber, Candy Land, Don't Wake Daddy, and Rock Em', Sock Em' Boxing.  So fun! 

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  1. So sweet 😍 I'll be working in Kindergarten class for the 2017/18 school year, i just accepted a kindergarten enrichment leader position, it'll be so nice to be able to see imaginative play again 😀

  2. That is truly marvelous, playing with their imaginations! Will look forward to seeing that quilt.

  3. Well, as Einstein put it...Imagination is more important than knowledge. Looks like your kids have both. Have a happy and restful summer, Val. Can't wait to see the quilt!

  4. good to see the children having fun I must own up to not knowing any of the board games they played. Can`t wait to see the quilt completed

  5. I have not heard any of these board games. It's great to see them playing without electronics and together too.

  6. They are so precious and I'm amazed at their creativity.

  7. How great that you can get that quilting done while putting in your "time"--lol! My friends and siblings would play school in the summer too, but we had an old one room school house in the yard of a neighboring farm to use--that was pretty awesome!

  8. I agree a great way to make up the snow days-playing together and making the quilt-awesome

  9. Your students look like a great bunch! I love that they are playing school on the last few days of the school year! I'm filing away those games for when my Munchkin gets a little older--my husband and I love board games, so we're trying to play as many as appropriate with him.


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