Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tuesday Archives #163: Scrap Storage

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This week's theme is: SCRAP STORAGE

How is it we've been doing Tuesday Archives for so long and we haven't featured scrap storage!
Many of you are familiar with my "buckets" of strips:

I like to cut my scraps into 2-3 strips and sort them by color into these cute buckets. Once they are full a scrappy project is always sure to follow. But my scrappy habit doesn't stop there! I have two other scrappy habits. Click right HERE to check out my 2013 post: Fabric Scrap Storage. 

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  1. Scrap storage is a big issue that is for sure, like you I have different places for them depending on the size of the scrap. But the ultimate plan for them all is either scrappy improv blocks or cutting into 2" or 2.5" squares. I do have a tub of 2.5 " strips but I have no immediate plans for those.

  2. I don't have any system. I just stuff them into boxes in their colours.

  3. good way to store your scraps and they are out of the way hanging up. I have just make 10 baskets for mine one for each colour though black, brown and grey share a fabric basket trouble is they take up too much room!

  4. I keep mine in zip top bags, and when the scrap bag gets full, I use them in a mystery quilt. I am trying to whittle down the stash.

  5. Oo, great topic! I love reading about other people's storage methods. You never know when inspiration will strike from seeing a great idea. I've never written about mine; maybe I'll do that this week.

  6. A very functional and colorful display.


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