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Tuesday Archive #179: Machine Binding

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This week's theme is: Machine Binding

I have yet to master the "art" of machinge binding. Seriously, though I prefer the look of handing binding, machine binding is a bit more durable for all the toddler quilts I make. Yet,  I can never get that beautiful, straight finish on the reverse side. Anyhooo.... this is my "go to" tutorial, by Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew, that I use when I do finish a quilt using machine binding.
 I appreciate her step by step, illustrated directions.

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  1. I like to use the machine binding on quilts that will see a lot of "action".

  2. I only hand bind show quilts and special gifted quilts - everything else is machine bound for durability.

  3. Happy Tuesday, Val! I usually stitch down my binding by hand on most quilts, and have never had any issues with durability. But then, I am pretty comfortable with my hand sewing and my hand stitches are as close together as my machine stitches are. I hope you don't mind that I linked up several posts today. I was excited that you picked a topic that allowed me to participate! Often your archive linky topics are things I've never made or written about. Anyway, thanks for sharing Allison's machine binding tutorial. It would be nice to know how to do binding completely by machine, if only for those race-against-the-clock deadline situations! :-)

  4. I usually use hand binding, and I love both the look and the process. But I've linked a quilt where I was challenged to do something special with the binding. I did, and I really liked it. Welcome to my blog to see yourself.

  5. I had a go at machine binding on a couple of mug rugs I made and it was not very successful and I thought it would be such a good thing especially on really big quilts, so I went back to hand binding after that. I will check out the link, thank you, and see if it is any better than the one I saw previously but I think they do look better hand done. Hugs, Susie xx

  6. it is getting harder for me to hand bind so I may try this out-thanks for the link

  7. Machine binding for me, except for show quilts!

  8. I machine all my quilts now. For "special" ones I use a flanged binding and for "regular" I sew to the back first then fold over to the top and edge stitch. I don't mind if the back stitching wobbles a bit then. I've tried the opposite, where you sew the binding to the front then SITD to catch the back and it never works for me :( In fact, I just ripped one out today! It was only a little tray liner for myself, but the back looked like h-e-double hockey sticks!

  9. Thanks, Val, for giving that link to Cluck Cluck Sew. I've tried to do machine binding and it's usually a wreck. I like her very clear steps, as you said. I've made her Strip and Flip Baby Quilt and it's a winner! You might like it for all the quilts you make for little ones. The pattern is on the left column on her blog, under popular posts.

  10. I've never tried machine binding, I really prefer the hand stitching method. But thank you for the link to the tutorial. You never know when you need to be able to do something different.

  11. I usually machine bind on the one side and then hand stitch on the other:)

  12. I sew all my bindings on by machine. My quilts aren't going to the Houston Quilt Festival for judging, they are made to be used. They look great on the front and pretty good on the back. Plus, they hold up great in the washing machine.


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