Sunday, January 7, 2018

Jan. OMG: Jelly Roll Progress

 I continue to enjoy stitching my Anni Downs BOM.
I'll receive my final block next month and will have the whole quilt baste stitched. At which time, I look forward to adding a bunch of Sue Spargo's creative stitching as this continues to be my evening stitching project though-out 2018. I can't wait to add a bunch of whimsical details to this piece.

And have found motivation in the rejuvenation of Kate's 15 Minutes a day linky:
Days with sewing this week:  5 out of 7
Days with sewing this month:  5 out of 7
Days with sewing this year:  5 out of 7
Success rate:  71% 

This is a perfect statistic for me as my "15 minutes" doesn't include my evening stitching. Instead, I;m using this linky as motivation to get myself into my studio and sewing. And it worked!
I got all my jelly roll strips sewn and pressed this week. Four sets of six:

Three sets of five:
At this pace, I'll have these cut and sewn into a flimsy by next week's report. This will put me right on track for meeting my OMG. Happy New Year to me! Thanks for the motivation Kate. 
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  1. I have always wanted to do something like this-I do have a pattern inspired from 1800s that I wanted to do the applique pieces in wool instead of cotton--I may still get to it

  2. I looked back at your wool BOM. gorgeous!

  3. Wonderful goal. Enjoy the process!

  4. This is make for an interesting finish. Hoping to make my omg too.

  5. Good work on the jelly roll strips! You have reminded me I have an Anni Downs project or two to work on! Good luck with your OMG project.

  6. Congrats on a successful week in finding time to sew. Your strip sets look great. Wishing even more success next week. Thanks for linking up for the 15 minutes to stitch.

  7. Great progress! I need a hand project for evenings now, I have got to get going on the redwork pattern I've had for months now.

  8. Oh, that Ani Downs project is going to be adorable!

  9. You are doing great, Val! Can't wait to see your flimsy.

  10. You're doing well so far! I hope you can stick with your 15 minute plan. I'm itching to go sew right now, but we have boatyard guys working downstairs and I can't get to my machine :( Oh well, maybe this evening.


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