Wednesday, April 4, 2018

H2H: An Extra Blanket for Little Lambs

My mom is one of my most faithful followers (thanks Mom!) and when she read about our H2H Charity Drive she asked if she could donate this knitted blanket: 
Do you like the Tulip Quilt the blanket is on? Click HERE to check it out! 
Like us quilters, she likes to experiment and "play" with different skeins of yarn. This skein she tried turned right into the above pattern. She had fun trying something new and wanted to see the blanket go to good use, so I immediately emailed her the information for the Little Lambs Foundation for Kids. It operates out of Utah and provides comfort kits for children ages newborn to 17 years old who are transitioning into foster care, emergency shelter or who have been hospitalized. Her blanket measures 36"x 36" so would be the perfect donation for a little one's kit don't ya think!? 
I love and am grateful that my mom and I support each other's love of knitting and quilting.
Thanks for joining me Mom as we both send warm hugs to kiddos in need. 

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  1. Awww, a win-win for all! It's so nice to have your mom share your love of creating--keep it going, gals!

  2. Hi Val you and your mum are both very clever and have beautiful hearts,that a lovely thing to do xx

  3. How wonderful, you get to play with your mom, and Little Lambs gets another blankie!

  4. How cool, a two for one deal. Those are always popular. Your mom's blanket turned out beautifully.


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