Friday, April 20, 2018

Little Planter Turned Pin Cushion

I received this little Love Bug planter for Valentines Day this year and after the plant didn't make it she's been sitting on my cutting board as a catch all. Yet, today I decided to change her into a little
pin cushion. Cute huh! It was quick and easy and I know she'll be used a lot.
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  1. Great way to use a cute planter all year long. Your fabric choice is perfect.

  2. Very sweet! What do you use to stuff it?

    1. Hi Louise....I just used some polyfill I had. :) I cut a square piece of fabric. Then, stitched loosely around the edge and pulled it so the fabric formed into kinda of cup...stuffed it and stitched it shut. Then, hot glued it into the lady bug. :) :)

  3. I have some little planters that would be perfect for pincushions. I remember several years ago someone online was selling them and at the time I thought it was a clever idea. Now to just make it happen. LOL

  4. Very cute pin cushion. A nice "repurpose" project.

  5. Hi Val wow i love your new pin cushion and cant imagine it as a planter,love what you did,well done my friend xx

  6. So cute. I love pin cushions with character, and this one has plenty of that.


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