Saturday, April 28, 2018

Grand Guy Update

Our newest little guy is five months old and full of smiles!

He's having fun trying "real" food...and of course loves it!

Admittedly, this is one of my favorite baby stages as I love how squishy and 
expressive they are becoming...when they're not drooling all of you. 

This week I made a quick visit after school/work to see big brother participate in his school's "Soul on Fire" program. Not sure who thought four years old could manage an hour long PreK-6th Grade program. It was hard not to laugh as he and most the others his age spent most their time wiggling, playing and talking with a once in awhile explosion of participation. LOL!! Lucky us, our guy spent most of his time on the stage playing with his hat, setting out  to make us laugh while he put it on backwards, sideways, and then continued to entertain himself as he tried to catch it as he tossed it around a million times! To say the least, the teacher's were quit busy trying to wrestle their large class of four year olds while all the other groups sang! God Bless preschool teachers!
He's my buddy and I continue to cherish our close relationship. We're starting to plan and look forward to this summer's Grammy Camp. He chose a dinosaur theme, so I'll be busy this next month planning a week full of activities and fun. Thank goodness for Pinterest
(I love Pinterest!!! Who ever thought of it was a genius!))

Anyhooooo....this little guy is still too young to join us....
...but if he grows as fast as all our grands seem to do, he'll be joining us in no time.
I hope your weekend is off to a great start. I have my H2H Happy Chemo quilt in the wash and plan to get it boxed up and ready to mail next week. I have a king size quilt on the frame I've been commissioned to that will take up a large part of my sewing this weekend. I'm stitching my Annie Downs BOM during patio happy hours and need to look through my stash to find next's month's May OMG of stash busting I want to continue. (It will be my sixth one this year!)
As always, thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Such a sweet little guy! Baby snuggles are so good for the soul. In a blink he'll be joining you for Grammy Camp...speaking of which...enjoy your bigger little guy and your dino theme! My eldest grandchild turns 13 in a few days. THIRTEEN. How did that happen??? :-)

  2. They are both such smiley, happy guys!! I love seeing their bright faces :) Cherish the wriggly, drooly stage because it will pass in a flash!

  3. They are both such adorable little guys.

  4. The boys are both so cute! Pinterest is a life saver in so many ways--recipes, quilts, gift ideas, teaching stuff--and DINOSAUR inspiration.

  5. The photos of you and your new grand guy are sweet. I don't envy preschool teachers at all. They are all wonderful....and energetic. Your grammy camp does sound like it will be the best fun.....mmm....I wonder who will have the most fun??

  6. What great photos, and you are truly blessed in the grand-guy department! I am quite sure you are planning too much fun for grammy camp!

  7. Such cute boys! My son kind of goes in and out of the dinosaur phase. If you do any screen time as a part of Granny Camp, Dinosaur Train from PBS is quite good. I don't think it's on PBS anymore; we stream it trough Amazon, and our local public library also has some DVDs. It's very science based (one of the dino kids likes to test out his hypothesis fairly frequently) and I've been impressed at things my son has picked up from the show. We were having a picnic a few weekends ago and he went on and on about woodpeckers and what they ate and I was thinking that I didn't know his preschool had covered birds so in-depth, he said something that made me realize he learned it all from Dinosaur Train. I think we've determined before that my Munchkin and your Grand Guy are very similar in age.

  8. Oh they grow through that sweet stage so quickly! Thankfully there are lots of other fun stages to come. Enjoy you time with the grand guys and happy stitching this week.

  9. I can see you in that little guy's face. How special! Looks like you are enjoying life with your grandsons. Special times.

  10. Love seeing this update Val. Both boys are adorable and I am so happy you are able to spend time with them. What a treasure!

  11. What a cutie! Grammy Camp sounds so cool.


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