Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tuesday Archives #201: Lap Size Quilts

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This week's theme is: LAP SIZE QUILTS

New Years Day 2015 almost everyone in our house could be found cozy under a quilt.
Mom and I were busy stitching by the fire.
 and "the boys" were busy watching football....or so we thought.


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  1. Sweet post . . . I feel the family love :)

  2. What a great photo of the guys in snooze mode! I do a lot of lap size quilts!

  3. Too funny to see the boys asleep under their quilts!! Or as DH would say, "They were just resting their eyes!" :)

    Most of my quilts are lap size, so I decided to link up a post that has two that I made for seniors in nursing homes. I really enjoyed making those!

  4. Great photos! I've had a couple Monkey Boys here this week and they are always under a quilt, even though the temps outside are hot.


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