Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Archives #21: EQ Designs & Equilateral Triangles

Welcome to the linky party that let's you rejuvenate your old quilting/sewing posts! 
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Val's Quilting Studio
This week is all about your old EQ (Electric Quilt) Designs and Equilateral Triangle posts.  

EQ (Electric Quilt) DESIGNS:

As I explore all your blogs, I notice many of you make your own patterns. I find myself wondering: "Is this how they do it??" Today's linky is all about sharing your quilting design posts. Have fun and I'm looking forward to learning a lot from you this week, as this is a quilting area I have not yet explored.


I know many us were part of  an Equilateral Traingle Quilt-a-long  just a few months back and some of you may even have some older posts that need to be rejuvenated. Today's linky is our chance to reshare your quilts that have any triangle goodness in them.


  1. My 2 entries are not Quilts but are still made from fabric triangles

    1. Hey...that is totally okay...your links don't always have to be to a quilt. :)

  2. Hmm, wrote a comment but it went into never, never land. . . maybe? :) Anyway, linked up the Quilt Festival post for my triangle quilt because I just LOVE Anna's big smile at the end :D

  3. I visited all of the quilters today. It was such a great inspiration; I am definitely going to make a triangle quilt!

    Boo Hoo! I just missed the challenge for Piggy Bank. I decided last week to go ahead and do it. Came here today and saw that procrastination doesn't pay! I am going ahead and diving in! I'll send you my link when I blog about it, just so you know! I guess actually you'll see it when I post it, since you follow my blog! And thank you for that! I love that you comment a lot on my blog and look forward to your comments.

  4. I really enjoy looking at your equilateral triangle quilt where the triangles are made into a flower garden with rik rak stems. It is playful and cheery. Thanks for hosting!

  5. Your triangle quilt never ceases to amaze me. While i was concentrating on getting things straight, you were being really creative!

  6. Love your equilateral triangle quilt! It's just right for summer.


I have to admit, your comments make me smile! Thanks for sharing and for letting me know you stopped by. I Hope your day is awesome!


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