Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday Archives #38: Turkeys & Happy Thanksgiving

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Val's Quilting Studio

TURKEY QUILTS...OR...Even the Real Fowl Version

It's a busy week for many of us, but whether your turkeys are of the quilt genre like Nancy who blogs at PugMom Quilts... (She dug through her archives and let me highlight this adorable Turkey Wallhanging she posted about back in 2012. Thanks Nancy!)

...or, if your turkeys are of the fowl version like Carole who quilts at My Carolina Home shared with us this month, please do share this week! (Annnddd...if you haven't stopped by her blog this month....do! She has so much Thanksgiving goodness going on!)
November Turkeys

Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday. I just love, love the gathering of friends and family. For me yesterday and today will be spent celebrating with my Second Graders.  Then the rest of the week will be spent with family and yes...being grammy!! I'll be back at the end of the week with my ALYofF post and I need to get caught up on those Little Letters. But, until then, God Bless and Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to all my stateside blogging friends. And know I'm grateful for all my foreign friends met this year too!

(Notice the quilts near my feet...the kids ALWAYS fold them up like that when they are done using them. That always makes me smile!)
What makes you smile during this Thanksgiving Season?
With smiles,

Pilgrims, Indians and a turkey emoticons all smile for the camera in this little clip art animation


  1. Have a very happy Thanksgiving. I love the kids hats, too cute.

  2. Oh what a great picture with the kids! What lucky kids!!

  3. Your class is so cute! Enjoy your Thanksgiving Week.

  4. Thanks for featuring my Turkey Quilt and my beautiful pug boys on your blog! Have a great Thanksgiving! Pugs and kisses,


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