Sunday, July 3, 2016

Tuesday Archives on Vacation

Hello! Hello! And...Happy Tuesday Archives. 
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No linky this week.

This week I'm on vacation.

I have a little tradition with our grand guy where I get him for a week of "Grammy Camp" each summer. Last month he visited our house and we had great adventures together as we took advantage of all the wonderful opportunities offered in rural farms areas.
We visited my friends milk farm:

We stopped to pet horses: 

And we stopped by another friend's chicken farm where he got to collect his very own eggs. 

Oh we had so much fun together that he keeps telling his mom and dad that he wants to go to Meme and Papies house. So this weekend I packed my bags, and the two of us will be on the road for Grammy Camp Week Two! Except before we head to Meme and Papies house, we're going camping with his Great Meme and Papa. We'll be enjoying all the joys of camping that include canoeing, ice-cream and smores I'm sure! So thanks for your understanding no linky this week.
(Our camping week didn't happen due to my parent's moto rhome breaking down...but our little guy and I did have fun continuing and repeating much of our farm themed fun shown above.)
Wishing everyone a great start to July!
PS: Our 3rd Annual Piggy Bank Challenge Linky is pre-set for Wednesday July 6th.
I lost to hubby again! Grrrr....but did save enough to buy something fun!
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  1. Have a great time and enjoy yourselves

  2. He is so cute!! Have a great time and enjoy every moment! Happy July 4.

  3. Have a great time, what special memories you are building.

  4. cannot decide which of you is having the most fun!! Have a great time he will grow up so quickly

  5. Have a great time with that cute little, big guy!!!

  6. Have a wonderful time with the little guy :-)


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