Wednesday, July 6, 2016

LINKY: 3nd Annual Piggy Bank Savings = Money for Quilting Challenge

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Even in this modern day of credit/debit cards, I'm still a cash spending gal. But this a habit I've obviously had for a long time. Here's a picture of  my very first piggy bank:
 Serious! I use to love how it was the color of a penny and shaped like a shoe. I use to really love that I needed a "key" to open the bottom. Now THAT in itself  made saving money fun! This little shoe secured my babysitting money and allowance away from my sister. LOL!! Click here to read what I bought with my first "piggy bank" savings...I'm still smiling as I sit here thinking about my teenage self in that previous post!

THIS YEAR: our household this year, hubby was the winner!
He had $110.57 saved in change and $7.00 saved in bills. Grand Total: $117.57

I on the other hand, only saved $33.80 in change and $19.00 in bills. Grand Total: $52.80
Enough to treat treating myself to one of these:
A red Zirkel Magnetic Pin Organizer!
(Hmmmm...and I'll probably use the other $35.00 for fabric!)
NOW it's your turn to share!
Last year 23 of you linked your penny pinching goals and even more joined through email after the linky closed. Well, today is the day to empty those that piggy banks my friends and create a post to link here with us exclaiming your total amount saved and share what quilty purchase you're going to make!
Also, the code to our challenge button challenge is on my sidebar. 
Click the picture to read more!
Please feel welcome to share it in your post or on your blog to invite your followers to join us for the 4th Annual Challenge. Sign-ups will begin on Wednesday, July 13th.  


  1. Way to go with saving! Thank you so much for hosting the Piggy Bank Challenge.

  2. Better to have saved than not. Looking forward to seeing your fabric purchases from your savings stash.

  3. Well, now that's interesting. Your savings this year are almost exactly the same as your savings from that first piggy bank challenge! I must say, in this age of plastic and online finances, it's really hard to save actual coins! Congrats! It's gotta be so much fun spending that "found" money.


I have to admit, your comments make me smile! Thanks for sharing and for letting me know you stopped by. I Hope your day is awesome!


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